Monday, October 3, 2011

Only in the South pt.2

only in the South

are the bugs the size of YOUR FACE!
okay maybe not your face
but your BABY'S FACE!
{it must be the humidity}

my findings:
{i have yet to see a normal sized bee since being here}
{this guy so graciously made his web outside our guest room window
so that my mom found him in the morning while she was visiting}

{how would you like to wake up to THAT!}{this is at my in-laws ... Brian said they are writing spiders and his great- grandma said that if they ever wrote your name that means you're going to die}

and they're smart
Brian found one playing dead

also only in the South
do you dust away and kill all those little spiders that make their little webs in the corners of your house .... only to find that they come back like 2 days later!
they must reproduce like crazy!

happy dreams "ya'll"

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  1. i'm so happy i read this in the morning and not before bed... !! i think i'll choose to come visit in the