Thursday, October 27, 2011

Only in the South pt.5

only in the south ....

do you get driving directions referring to "The Big Chicken"
"just drive down Cobb Parkway till you reach the Big Chicken and then turn Left"
"you'll know your almost to the 75 when you see the Big Chicken"
"oh, its just right across the street from the Big Chicken"

its even a magnet
{and yes, we own one}
it even has it's own wikipedia page
it says it was built in 1956, which I guess is why so many people refer to it in directions

maybe if some of you decide to visit us, you'll be lucky enough to get a glimpse of this beauty


  1. Man you make me miss home. I was totally lost when I can to California because everything looks the same. I used to ask for landmarks and people would look at me confused. Keep up the only in the South posts. I love them. I live vicariously through your posts. - Jess

  2. Seriously!! I heard about it so much I figured it had to be something REALLY impressive. Then I saw it. Huge disappointment.

  3. "chicken" is a very loose term. Block wall painted red with creepy eyes... thats more like it! :)

  4. Jules, she forgot to mention that those creepy eyes move :)