Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrify vs. Smart

one quick thought

Brian and I tend to be on the extreme end of thrifty
we don't mind using a couch that we found on the side of the road or someone's old carpet
{for those planning on coming over, this was at our old place, not in the new house .... yet}
we could care less if a bookshelf we really like was peed on by someone else's dog
{we did wash it off before use}
we always buy the grocery store brand cereal, honey, rice etc

but a couple of things we absolutely refuse to be thrifty with are

1. toilet paper

not to get into too much detail
but we have found that we end up using way more of the cheap stuff to get everything
... uhh .... well clean .... {awkward moment}
it is so much more worth it {to us} to buy Charmin
sooo nice :)

2. diapers

huggies and costco are our go-to's
walmart brand = very nasty diaper rash and lots of wet pj's and sheets

what are some things you guys refuse to be thrifty on??
maybe through your suggestions I'll save some heartache I haven't yet realized I'm experiencing


  1. right there with ya, woman!! we are nifty and thrifty! :) i honestly think the only things we buy name brand is brendan's deoderant...but there's coupons for it all the time, so it still feels thrifty! :) miss you!

  2. don't skimp on the brownies (gotta be Ghiradelli) or q-tips (unless you want a big ball of cotton hanging out in your ear?)

  3. My mattress. I must be able to sleep well. Oh and my Kitchenaide mixer. I only want to buy a mixer once. They are pricey and I use mine almost every day. I figure if Martha Stewart still uses her mom's kitchenaide then they are worth the price. Maybe Ollie and Owen will use mine in their house one day. LOL - Jess

  4. i love that you're thrifty cause i try to be too....otherwise we probably wouldnt be able to afford kids right? The only things i dont skimp on are yogurt....u get aspirtame in the cheap kinds and no good bacteria like asidophilus, in the cheap kind! And, I dont buy the cheap jellies/jams....the cheap ones always have so much sugar, high fructose corn syrup and stuff. Same with the cheap maple syrup too. I buy cheap milk for ben but i buy the "flaxmilk" or almond milk for me and allea....ive heard too many things about all the hormones they put in cows and i am all paranoid at Allea hitting puberty early because of it lol! ok, so on a side note....i saw that you're going to disneyland in december and I was JUST thinking it would be really cool if maybe some time next year we could (the irby's and setos) go to disneyworld together! then the girls could have a friend to go on rides with and stuff...and the babies would be a little older! anyway, just my wishful thinking! ok thanks for your blog i love when you update it!