Thursday, December 1, 2011

baby wise

Im not crazy baby wise, meaning you have to stick to their rules!
it's just nice to have some kind of idea of what's suppose to happen at what age and then create your own schedule

for example
I rocked Clover, at bedtime, till the day I was too pregnant with Crimson to hold her anymore even though I knew I would pay for it later
it was totally worth the moments I got to watch her sleep

but it helps me so much when it comes to things like
how long can babies sleep through the night?
how many naps are they supposed to have?

so I made this little chart back when I was pregnant with Clover and I first read baby wise
then I lost it
so now I made a new one
and I thought I'd share it in case anyone else needs one too

this is how my brain works
I need visual aids

baby wise chart
{just click on it to download}

baby wise sample schedule

it's good guidelines, and then you can make your own adjustments
another example
I know some people start giving their babies solid food as early as 4 months
I didn't start till 6 months

same goes for naps
I know a family whose little girl does better taking one nap a day before lunch
Clover does better taking a nap after lunch

just do your own thing
you know your own child more than anyone else does

funny side note
I borrowed the book from a friend before I had Clover
so Brian just bought me a used copy from Amazon so I could use it with Taryn
and while reading, I found this sticky note in it from the previous owner
haha too funny


  1. You are AWESOME...a woman after my own heart. I LOVE charts and visual aids...PERFECT for me! Thanks Kenz!! Already printed them out and, happy to say, Aaron is right on schedule! :)

  2. LOVE Baby Wise! Keeps me on track with her developmentally, but also helps me relax because it makes her so predictable. Thank you for introducing me to it!!!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for these PDF files! I read Babywise and they were just what I needed. Baby will be here in appx. 16 days so I need all the help I can get :)

    1. you're welcome! When I read baby wise I wished someone had made them so I'm glad others are benefiting! Congrats on the baby!!

  4. I haven't read the book, but I'm trying to get my 2 month old in to more of a schedule and I LOVE what you did with these charts! How long do you typically do "waketime?" Sometimes mine's up for an hour, sometimes when I wake her up to feed during the day she is still super sleepy and wants to go right back to sleep when she's finished eating.

    1. Yes that happened to me with each of my babies. I felt like a mean ol' mommy, but they eventutally learned.

      I did an hour waketime, with the exception being the "late afternoon feeding" (6pm for me), which I would keep baby awake for 1.5-2 hours and then put them to bed (8pm) for the night. It was especially hard to keep them awake, but they learn.

      hope that helps!