Thursday, February 2, 2012

Proverbs 31 women

sometimes when reading Proverbs 31 there is so much that I want to do to be like that woman that I get overwhelmed before I even start!
am I the only that feels like that?
there's just so much of me that I need to work on!

and when I look around I see so many women that I want to be like!
they are all great moms in different ways.

there are some moms who are great at just having joy in their children
the never seem to get upset with their kids sins and see it as a joy to share the gospel in those times
they never seem burdened by having so many kids and no time to themselves
they are always gushing about their kids, even if they haven't slept in days {years}

then there are moms who are great at taking care of their kids in the healthiest way possible
they do the research, do the work of preparing meals, making their own cleaning products, researching vaccines to make sure they are being really wise with what goes into their kids physically

then there are moms who are always playing with their kids
they are the moms who come up with new craft ideas everyday
are always taking their kids to the park/the zoo/on a walk
exploring life and really investing in their kids experiencing a kids life

then there are moms who are great discipler's with their children
their children know bible verses and songs as soon as they can talk!
their kids are sharing the gospel at 4
their kids are respectful and disciplined, cleaning up their plates after eating, doing the dishes, helping clean up their room etc

then there is the coupon/savings mom
she knows how to get deals, strike bargains and get the best quality and quantity out of anything
they find ways to get groceries cheap
free cards, movie tickets, anything!
she always finds ways to save her family money


there are so many neat, wonderful women.
I know I am just touching the tip of the iceberg here with these descriptions
I want to be all these things!!
But I also know all these women aren't all these things, they just have their "specialty". Not that they're not great in the other areas too. But they are just extra good at the one quality.
I wonder if I have one and I just don't see it?

I know that to be the Proverbs 31 woman isn't to change my ways outwardly. But to constantly be in the Word of God, reading, meditating and being more like Christ. Working on the inward, my heart, repenting from sin and knowing I can't do it on my own; only by the power of Christ within me.
And that is what any of these women I have described would say too.


  1. What a great post, Kenzie! I want to be all of these things too and I often feel like I "miss the mark" when it comes to being a Prov.31 woman. I'm thankful for all of the godly women in my life who are a constant encouragement and example. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. ya i just skip over chapter 31... don't even wanna go there!!! :)

    i know how you feel. so much to do and yet, the Lord says: worship me & obey me, and all will fall into place.

    Kenz, you are a wonderful mommy. You love your husband so much you moved to Georgia with him and are demonstrating a self-sacrifical love for them that they might not see for a little while, but one day, they will get it. :)
    I also don't think its wrong to WANT to be all of those things. They are godly aspirations, but the pyramids weren't built overnight, you know? Little steps... Ian has encouraged me to take time to sit down and write out specific goals I want to accomplish this month/year. and then write very practical ways I can accomplish that task... That has helped me feel like I am progressing in areas I want to work on, rather than just feeling lousy about all I should be doing! :)

    you are learning all sortf of graphic design stuff which is a fun way to bless others... parties, showers, invites, etc. i think the proverbs 31 woman would know adobe illustrator if she were here today ;)

    but i know for me at least, when I start comparing myself with others, discouragement comes. no matter where you are at, someone will be better, someone will have a bigger house, someone will have nicer clothes... it never ends.... and that is the point! to show the foolishness of finding joy and satisfaction in things other than Christ.

    A mommy who loves the Lord will exude that to her kids. I can't really remember a ton about what my parents actually verbally taught me, but I can remember their example of love for each other, love for the church, and love for me. that is what I remember. and what stuck. and what is most important. A life lived out in the worship of the Lord before your kids. And when you make Christ so desirable, they will follow.

    Hard to remember that all the time when Pinterest, Facebook, and blogs make people look like they are being everything and doing everything...
    I remember a wise lady at MOMs told me one time... "you see all those moms who are out and about all the time and you are tempted to be jealous of how much they can do... well, we all have the same number of hours in our day... something is lacking in their life and its probably their home, or their relationship with the Lord" that really stuck with me {and obviously if you are out of the house busy with stuff that is not wrong AT ALL!!! but i know for me, its way easier to go out and do fun stuff, and way HARDER to stay home and clean and worship the Lord with my quiet time}...

    anywho, just wanted to encourage you to persevere. You are doing a great job and you have been a faithful friend to me... Sorry for writing a book... :)

    love you girly, and miss you :)

    1. thanks jules, that was inspiring ... really! It's just nice to know Im not the only one out there feeling like this! you're very encouraging and I miss you too!!