Saturday, March 17, 2012

Craiglist People!

here is what I've been dying to say for awhile now
{please bear with my rant for a moment}

please stop trying to sell your 7 year old "barely" used furniture for the same price as new furniture
and just because you bought an ikea bookshelf, took it home and put it together does not mean you can charge more than what it costs at ikea new ... just because you put it together
no body wants to spend money on stained couches that your cats have scratched up
if you are still posting the same item for months and months ... it is probably time to stop trying to sell it and just donate it to goodwill

the end

I just wish I could somehow send this to craigslist users's so hard to find decent stuff for a good price!! c'mon...give a girl a break here!


  1. I feel your pain! I also hate that people never remove their postings even when they have already sold it. Maybe you should see if craigslist will give your free ad space to post your rant- for the good of the site! :)