Friday, May 18, 2012

Only in the South pt. 10

this Only in the South is courtesy of my friend Karyn {her blog}
she is also a fellow Californian who has re-located to Georgia
 she wrote

Only in the South....

do your neighbors paint their garage bright red for their college team, and then proceed to sit on a couch in there just watching cars pass by because they don't have a porch.  I think this unusual, but maybe it's normal and I don't realize it?

I just want to know how Karyn took the picture without them seeing :)
sneaky sneaky!

since we're on this topic...
what is the big deal with college sports here????

every time we tell anyone that our baby's name is Crimson, the immediate question is ... did you go to Alabama?
 {by the way, no we didn't}

I just don't get it .... 

I guess I won't get any invites to come over and watch some football :)


  1. I'm famous now, I made your blog! :) By the way that picture was taken by utilizing my awesome tree climbing skills and night vision camera. Just kidding, it was out Cole's window! :)

  2. I just read this and laughed out loud. "Roll Tide!" Yee Haw! Be careful when you tell any Clemson fans, Crimson's name. Ahh, I love that the Californians think the Southerners are nuts. I grew up always hearing it the other way around. I love you guys! - Jess