Saturday, January 19, 2013

Babywise Sample Schedule

Awhile back I created some babywise sample schedule charts using the information from the book babywise 
and apparently everyone else in the world had the same issue I had
 {needing a visual aid/chart to help them understand babywise and when to drop a feed/drop a nap etc...}

I get more hits on my blog from google searches for babywise then any other source 

so now looking back, I realize the font is kind of weird, so I tried to make it more reader friendly

so here you go world!

Babywise Chart 2.0
{click on chart to download pdf}

 Babywise Sample Schedule 2.0
{click on chart to download pdf}

just a word of advice {and my humble opinion}, babywise is just a help tool
if it does not work for you it doesn't mean you failed.
I've heard of a group of people who are against babywise 
and then others who think if you don't do babywise than you are hindering yourself from a thriving baby

I rocked Clover till the day I delivered Crimson, and you know what, she sleeps on her own just fine. 
She was my first and I'll never have the time I had with her with any other child.
all babies and mommies are different! 
formula or breastfed, that baby will be fed.
with my second child I was so determined to breastfeed and not supplement that I didn't realize that she was fussy because she was hungry, my milk didn't come in as well as it did with Clover
so use this as guidelines and not a mandatory schedule
be flexible
be calm and try not to stress out!
and if you have to resort to formula, be humble!
and for those who have never had to use formula, be kind and understanding to those of us who need to, you never know the reason behind why someone has to bottle feed.

I encourage all to try breastfeeding, I do {personally} believe in all the health benefits from it 
but the Lord has taught me that things don't always go according to plan
so try it
if it doesn't work, it's okay, that is just God's plan for you and your baby
He is in control of your baby's growth, not your milk


  1. great post! and as someone who struggled the first time around, you have given great advice. And thus was great encouragement as I gear up for round 2!

  2. This is so funny. I just found the printouts from your last posting of this and have been reviewing. :)

  3. I used yours to make my own when Shiloh was born. I printed up copies and put one in front of my nursing chair, in the kitchen, in the bathroom...everywhere! That way in my sleep deprived state I'd always be able to remember what I was supposed to be doing :) I also took a copy when we would visit my in-laws, so they'd be able to look at it and be aware of her schedule for when we were making plans to go out

    These were such a great help to me as a new mom. Thanks for sharing them (and making a pretty version :)

  4. Thank you so much for the charts - I just printed them and will be putting them to use soon. Thank you even more though for your sweet, encouraging words. Our twins will be here in 3 weeks or less and your advice will certainly come in handy!

  5. YAY! I just got done reading Babywise and truly appreciate your charts. They are fantastic! I've printed both on card stock and put them up. We're due in a week so I'm looking forward to having them up. Thank you again so much!

    Tess at

  6. Thanks heaps :-) I will be using your chart with my first baby arriving in just 5 weeks

    1. Congrats!! I hope it works well in helping you figure out your sweet new babe. It helped me tremendously! :)

  7. I have a crazy questib.. But if baby wakes at 8 am and then don't feed until 9 what happens on that hour in between?? Thanks so much!! I love this schedule.n

    1. What I did, is my babies would wake up at 8 and I would feed them at 8 and then try to get them to stretch to that next feeding. But if your baby is hungry, by all means feed him/her! :)
      This schedule is a total guideline, and you can change it as you see your babies natural schedule take over. This is just a good figuring out a baby schedule, and you will start to learn your baby and what he/she needs and when.

  8. Hi, I notice you put baby to bed at 8pm. Does that mean you wake her after 1 hour of sleep at 9pm to feed then put back to bed? Or is there waketime after 9pm feeding? Our baby tends not to drink well when fully awake due to possible reflux. The traditional feed bedtime bottle then sleep is not working out. Everything goes well until bedtime, after which she sleeps for a short while and cries from 1-3 hours.

  9. Wonderful comments, describe my personal experience. As a new mom, I wanted so much to have a natural birth and I had to have c-section, against my friends' advise. Then, I had always wanted to breastfeed exclusively, and tried really hard only to end up failing. I stressed out so much because everybody seemed to be pressuring me that I should have never given formula, that I had to let him cry day and night until he was able to get something out of my breasts.... I couldn't even endure the thought and at the same time felt I was being a bad mother. While I am still trying take supplements and pump to see if I can get a little at least so he has something (at 2 and a half months old), I'm at peace, regarding of the bad looks I get when they ask me: "are you breastfeeding him?" I know I'm doing my best and trusting the rest to the Lord.

    And as for sleep, I really stressed out for not getting him to do the things he was supposed to do according to babywise. While I still love that guide (that's why I came looking for their schedule) and their principles, I'm going at my baby's pace. While striving for a good routine, I don't stress out because he is not sleeping 12 hrs straight right now at 11 weeks old... I think he is doing pretty good. A good routine is so good for baby and I am already enjoying some predictability, which makes me feel so well. I see he is a happy baby, and I believe sleeping through the night will come on its own, and in its time.

    Some times I stressed out so much because he wasn't sleeping right, only to find out, some time later, that he was in a wonder week, and when it was over, oh he went right back to normal! I praise our Lord for His blessings.

    Thank you for sharing. May our Lord bless you all mightily.