Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Laugh

This is for you early Monday morning pleasure. Listen at the end for the BIG finale ;)

permission to show this video given by: Clover Irby

Sunday, September 26, 2010

9 Months & counting

. 17lb 14oz . 27.5in .

7 teeth
can stand on own for a couple seconds
says mama, dada
knows object permanence
eats a variety of fruits, vegetables and as of last night, meat!

.fun facts.
has had 2 colds
her eyes have changed from dark blue to a hazel green
hates the church nursery
loves alone time with dad because he gives her whatever she wants (i.e. fruit before veggies)
We are back, by popular demand! Sorry it took so long ... the 2 colds hit one after the other ... and each take awhile to recover, GEEZ!

A few updates before Im on my way.

For those of you who heard through the grapevine, we were suspicious that there might be another bladder infection. Thankfully it was just a little bacteria, not enough to be considered an infection. So some heavy doses of antibiotics and we were on our way.

Clover is doing great! She is so much fun. She's turned into my mini-me. Brian even said she does my "that's not funny" face. She loves people, just not if they try to hold her or take her away from mom. If you were to sit next to us in a restaurant, just know there will be a little baby staring at you the whole time you eat. Yes, I have the child with the staring problem that makes you think, "geez why doesn't that baby stop staring!"
We just got her halloween costume! Yes, we are fully planning on trick-o-treating! No, we will not be letting Clo eat the candy, that is for us! So watch for us, maybe we'll come to your house (but only if you have good candy).

I have a few updates in the making ... so please feel free to yell at my to hurry up if I take to long!