Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crimson: 2 years & counting

 I don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are, we haven't been to a pediatrician in over half a year.....

To my Taryn Crimson Snow,
one word to describe you would be passionate. Whether it is when you are so loving you just can't get enough hugs and kisses, or when you are upset and refuse to move on from whatever it is that is bothering you. You are a passionate baby girl.

you suprised us all by coming out a lot smaller than predicted
and then staying that small forever
your small in size but have a huge personality to make up for it

yes you cried for the first year of your life {or so it felt}
but I forgive you 
 I love you so much. 
 When you hug me so tight and don't want to let go, it makes my heart leap.
you drive me crazy, but when I leave you or put you to bed I miss you with all my heart.
I wish you could sleep in our bed occasionally, but you're too crazy.
I love your blue eyes.
I love that you have picked up your mom and dad's love for singing and playing music.
I love that you love to make people laugh.
 I wish you were more graceful, you are too adventurous for your own good.
You bump your head about 10 times a day, I think I should buy you a helmet.
You love your sister more than the world. 
She loves you too, she just has a different way of showing it.
 I love that you love playing princesses with her and having tea parties.

You're a strong girl. I pray for your salvation every night. You would be such a passionate believer, loving others so sacrificially. 
You care so much for others. You want everyone to be included, everyone to get a cookie, everyone to play a game. No one gets left out.

I wish you could sit and watch a movie or tv show
just sit every once in awhile....

I love that you look like your daddy and are as funny as him.
I wish I was as fun as you guys.

I love when you cheer Clover on
"Go Clo Clo Go Clo Clo!"

I love that all our close friends/family refer to you as "baby" because that's what we call you at home majority of the time
and now that we're having another baby, you keep saying "no, "I'm the baby"

you're the messiest eater I know. And the slobber queen!
you've been done teething for months now, and yet the slobber keeps coming. 
it doesn't help that you love giving kisses all the time too.
{slobbery kisses anyone?! eh, I'll take em :) }

. your favorites .

you say Phineas and Ferb, but you don't watch anything .... ever
okay, you do like to watch home videos of yourself on our phones
Romans 8:37 More than Conquerors from Seeds Family Worship
"mo mo mo!"
how He loves us

bible song:
our Creation song
"day one!"

dance music:
anything princess

sleeping buddies:
a book and your pacifiers
you love playing princesses and making everyone play food

the Bible 
{praise the Lord!!!}
and your princess search and find book

you love salad?!?!?! 
{where did you come from?!}
you also don't care too much for pizza or pb&j's
{again, whose kid are you?! who doesn't like pizza????}

funny sayings:
aw man!
listen to meeeee, listen to meeee, listen to meee {done in like a sing song voice}
yeah sheee
the peter pan crow
dreams come truuue! {when you jump off of anything}
hellllloooooo!!!! {when you enter a room full of people}

other favorites:
bath time
the beach 
{you've asked to go almost every day since we've been back in Georgia}
I will try my best to be faithful with the time I have with you, to pour into you God's love and His Word.
I love you so much baby!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Monday, August 5, 2013

still alive and breathing!

hello all!
we are still here, still alive, still kicking

I've allowed this blog to get away from me and I was thinking about just letting it die away but then I'll want to remember something and I'll use my blog to remember things we've been through

so I guess I'll keep up with it :)

what's new?
the year 2013 has been good to us
we have seen the Lord answer many prayers
I've started serving in our youth ministry with Brian
{something I swore I would never do!}
and it has been amazing
some wonderful younger girls hang out with my girlies so that I can serve, and I met some amazing girls that I had the priviledge to have in my small group
 I don't know what they could possibly learn from me, but maybe the Lord will at least use me as an encouragement to them :)

we have really become content where we are
it feels like home, which I thought would never happen
I'm thankful that the Lord allows us to be a fickle people so that we can adjust to new things and eventually learn to love them

we finally got insurance on the girls without any other major disaster's happening!
{still a ton of head injuries and face plants on concrete, but at least no broken bones or stitches!!!!}

we found out we are having another baby girl due in October

finally bought a bed frame for our bed, so our mattress is no longer on the floor!! whoo hoo!!
{I guess being 20ish weeks pregnant deserves not having to crawl off the floor to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night!}

God allowed us another trip to California this summer
{probably the last for a long time}

Clover learned to swim all by herself on her front and back after 5 weeks of swimming lessons everyday

Crimson potty trained! 
waaaaay easier with the 2nd child, in my experience!

Clover starts ballet class next week with 4 other little friends and the assistant teacher is a girl in my high school small group

our fridge died like 2 days after we got back from a month away on vacation, and through the scratch and dent sale was able to get a beautiful brand new refrigerator {with a couple dents, of course} that I thought would take years for us to afford! 
{it's funny how little things like a fridge can make someone so happy!!}

praising the Lord for our little life
thanking Him for this time of little trials and trying to stay in the Word and in prayer so that when those times do come we are ready.
remembering that our life here is not about swimming lessons, vacations, or potty training
but that we are here to glorify God and do His work, training and teaching our girls to love the Lord and His Word