Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 Months & counting

. 25lbs . 28in .
these are approximate, because it looks like she's gained 6 pounds in a month ... so either she had a huge growth spurt or I am bad at math! (edit:11/26: She's actually 21.5lbs, we used a different scale.)

  1. walking more than crawling
  2. talks : "dog", "God", "uh oh" , sometimes "yea"
  3. takes naps ALL BY HERSELF! YAY!
  4. eats solids all by herself! no more pureed foods. (still breastfeeding though)
  5. her favorite song is the "goodbye" song from Yo Gabba Gabba ... when we sing it she always waves goodbye
  6. high fives
  7. drinks from a sippy cup
  8. is going to be a big sister

She is growing up so fa.......wait what?!?! She's going to be a SISTER?!?! Are you crazy?! Nope. It was just a surprise from the Lord! We thought because it would probably take us just as long to get pregnant like it did with Clover (almost 2 years) we weren't too concerned about birth control. Well, we learned our lesson!!! I got really sick with Clover, but the Lord has been gracious, so far I only feel a little sick but mostly just STARVING!! (takes a break for a snack)

Where was I? Oh yea! So yes, we are excited but sometimes I get fearful. I get thoughts like, "I don't want to love another child, I love Clover! She's my little buddy, another baby will just take my attention away from her!" But then I remember the Lord's truths! He is Sovereign, and He planned this for me because He knew I could handle it and that whatever happens, it will help me grow in my faith. With Christ's love in me, I have the ability to love others, and that includes a second child. And after I get my mind set on things above, I get excited for what the future holds! Someone told me an awesome encouragement, The Lord gives you grace for what you're going through, He DOESN'T give you grace for what you think you might go through. Because you're not going through it, and you might not! Those are just sinful, worrying thoughts!

So for now we are calling the baby Crabgrass, so we can stick with the foliage theme! :) Pictures are from one of my FAVORITE photographer Jason Dolbier. I'll make a new post with more of my favorites.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walkie Talkie

Where did my baby go? She's not here, she is replaced with this walking, talking child! It's amazing how one day it starts with taking one step to quickly get from the couch to the table, to now she walks from one side of a room to the other without holding onto anything!

And to make matter worse (don't get me wrong, we're excited too) she said her first 2 words!!!
Word number one is not a surprise to us, it's "Dog". Well seeing as we have 3 in this house, of course that would be the first word. Number two followed shortly after, "God" which pretty much is dog but backwards but we are still giving her the credit! AND it would be awesome to tell everyone that her 2nd word ever was God!

Just for you skeptics out there, we do have video of her saying dog! But it's not uploaded, sorry. Someday I'll share! maybe...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clover's 1st Halloween

I'm watching the Biggest Loser as I write this, so if my sentences are incoherent I apologize before hand. It's very intense!

Clover's first Halloween was so fun! We don't really celebrate Halloween, we celebrate life through Christ instead of death. But on this night, who can pass up free candy?? ;)

Clover's granny/bb/beanball/whatever she's going to be called (aka Brenda, Brian's mom) and her MawMaw(Brian's grandma) came out to see Clo in her first ever costume. She was first a ladybug and we took some cute pictures of her and my sister's dog Macy, who was a bumblebee.
Then, like any classy young girl, she had a wardrobe change into the main costume of the night. A giraffe! Cause you know this girl loves giraffes! Well, we like giraffes, that is.

We only went to 4 houses, and they were all our neighbors we've known for years. And because she is just so darn cute, we got lots of extra! So afterward we thought we'd take some cute pictures of her and her pile of candy. And the inevitable happened, she bit through the package of a crunch bar and got her first taste of chocolate! ah, I know I'm a bad mother!! ;) jk! But we did try to get all the pieces out of her mouth before she swallowed!

The evidence.
Okay, I hope I satisfied the few who actually read this. Im going back to eatin' some not so good stuff and watching Biggest Loser! Happy Tuesday!