Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mag3 Scan Complete

Well we did it. I only knew what the test was going to show us, I didn't know what the test would consist of. I found out this information on our way to get the test done. Clover was going to get a shot of radioactive type medicine then have to lay on a table completely still for one whole hour. WHAT?!?! Did they realize Clover is a 2 month old baby that we can't explain that to?? Well the Lord was so good to us, I was praying fervently that she would just be calm and sleep. First we had to get an IV and catheter in place ... I was not looking forward to that but let me just say I LOVE Children's Hospital! The nurse got the IV in with one poke, and got the catheter in with one poke. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! She barely cried! So then I went ahead and fed her to help her be content with a full tummy. And as soon as I put her on the table she fell asleep and stayed asleep until she had 3 minutes left. God is so good!! They did have to strap her down to make sure she stayed still. So sad.

So it was so neat I got to watch on the screen as the radioactive medicine would light up as it went through her kidneys, to her ureters, and then to her bladder. The test showed no obvious blockage, but it did show that one kidney is doing 85% of the work while the other is only doing 15%. This is what the perinatologist saw when she was still in my stomach. So since it didn't show why, we have to go back in 2 weeks to do an MRI scan which will give them a clear view of everything, but it does require sedation.

This whole process hasn't been fun, but the Lord has been so good to us and to Clover. We have such amazing doctors who care about her just as much as we do. We have seen Him work things out with huge things like her falling asleep for the duration of the test and little things like allowing us to find a parking spot every time(the Childrens Hospital parking is ALWAYS full). Thank you all so much for praying and enduring with us, please keep praying that we can find out the answer and fix it soon and that in the meantime find a way to keep the infections away. The Lord has a plan for Clover, to Him be the glory forever and ever.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Months : Clover vs. Bladder Infection part 2

Weight: 12lbs 4oz
Height: approx 23in. (i had to measure myself)

2 months already!? ahh where does the time go! Well, do you like my title? I DON'T! yes, another bladder infection. That makes 1 bladder infection a month since she's been born. I don't like how these numbers are looking! :( Yesterday I was on a walk with my friend and her daughter, Clover was acting fussy which is not like her. I took her temperature and sure enough is was a little high, not too high but since she has a medical past I called the dr. Positive for bladder infection .... BOO! Praise God I caught it so soon, and another praise is that since she is 2 months old we didnt have to be admitted into the hospital! YAY!!!!! Instead we got nice one big shot in the thigh of antibiotics (so not looking forward to her vaccinations!) and we have upped the dosage of her daily antibiotics to 2 times a day, yuck!
If her fever stays down we can still have our test on Monday to see if there is any blockage in the bladder/ureter/kidney area. Please pray for the doctors and that we can figure out what exactly is going on so we can fix it!! It's at 10:30am at Children's Hospital. We meet with the dr the same day to get results (another praise). We have a great doctor, Dr. Koh, so sweet and pro active.

Now on to Clover's accomplishments up to date:
sleeps through the night 9pm-6am (not soundly but she does stay down)
wiggles and squirms to get right up next to ya
raises her head 45 degrees and can hold her neck pretty steadily
can sit up with help (a good amount of help)
she smiles and kinda laughs
can keep the pacifier in her mouth by herself, most of the time
knows my voice and looks at me when I start talking
follows me with her eyes as I walk back and forth in front of her

okay so some of these shes still working on, but I'm so proud of her! God has truly blessed me. I know I know I'm bragging, but this is MY blog so whatcha gunna do? I will make sure to update after her test ... thanks for the love & prayers!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day ... 2 days late

Our Valentines day was low key. We slept in, ate pizza, watched a movie and took pictures. the end. but it was still the best valentines day ever because of Brian and Clover <3

Clover went on her first vacation, Palm Springs! It was a girls weekend, me, Clover, my mom, and my sister. Clover got to see ducks, sit by the pool and went to the outlets for the first time. Lets hope she gets my genes and not my moms in the "outlet area". My mom ALWAYS wants to go there and she'll tell you she just wants to go to 1 store and she'll end up being there all day! Whereas I don't ever want to go ever. NEVER! Clover also found out she's going to have a cousin! Elyse and JohnDavid announced they are pregnant. Her due date is October 5th. The shirt in the picture says Im the Big Cousin (in case you couldnt read it) I predict it's a girl!

Congratulations Elyse & JohnDavid!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Woes of babyhood ...

Our most recent adventure is a diaper rash ... NOOOO! it's gone now but it tormented this little girl for several days! we have had plenty of air time to help which consists of Clover sitting butt naked in front of an open window :) good thing shes got such a cute butt!

When she was feeling better we had a photo shoot ... because shes just so darn cute!

Which she grew tired of quickly!

Today Clover actually smiled BACK AT me twice for the first time. Every other time she has smiled at us we can't tell if she's doing it on purpose or if she is just smiling. But today there was no mistaking it. I was about to change her diaper and I smiled at her and said "Hi" and sure enough a huge grin lit up her face ... so I did it again ... and so did she! She hasn't done it since but it made my day for sure!

We took her to Americana for her first outdoor adventure. This is the face she makes when I kiss her in public "aww mom your embarrassing me!"

In conclusion, I LOVE being a mom. After I delivered Clover I said I NEVER wanted to do that again! I also couldn't imagine sharing my love with another child, I love Clover so much and I want to spend all my time and energy just raising her. But now that I see how big she is getting & how smart she is getting, I want another baby. They are just so sweet & funny! Oh well, we'll see what happens ;)