Saturday, August 28, 2010

busy ... busy ... busy

Busy having FUN!

We had a blast at Shaver Lake with some great friends and their awesome kids! It was so much fun to let the Clove "run" around with other kids. And by run around I mean let her watch the other kids run around, while she sat safely in mama's lap. :) Although, I think she inherited her mama's allergies. Poor girl, the whole weekend we were both sneezing.

When we came home it was DISNEYLAND TIME! Our passes finally opened up again, just in time for Clover to become afraid of the rides. Yes, we only went on 2 rides and she cried for both. On Pirates of the Caribbean I ended up shielding her eyes and singing "Jesus Loves Me" and various songs in her ear to block out the loud noises. I don't get it, whats so scary about skeletons, pirates, ghosts, cannons ... do I need to go on?

What's Disneyland without cotton candy at the end of the day?

It wasn't a total bust, we got to eat at Rainforest Cafe where they have the BEST hot wings! I thought maybe they were just the best because I first ate them when I was pregnant, but no, they exceeded my expectations! SO GOOD!But then we got attacked by SNAKES!

Now on to the sad news of this so far fun-filled update. :(

Yesterday Clover got her first boo boo. I was letting her play with some magnets on the dishwasher, and I guess one was made out of porcelain (or something similar). I saw some "ketchup" spots on the ground and quickly realized it wasn't ketchup. She got a little ittie bittie cut on her thumb. Not that she noticed.

And then on to today. She has her first cold. I guess I should be thankful, it took 8 months for us to get one. She is now terrified of the bulb, because mama has been going to town on her little nose trying to clear it so she can eat. I know, mama's mean.

All this AND her four top front teeth are all coming in at the same time. Ugh, life is tough being baby, I tell ya!

But, to end this update in a happier note, she gets to watch TV. Well, kinda. Like I've said before we LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. But we don't really watch TV, so I found clips on the internet and she LOVES it. Me too, I must admit :)

Caught ya!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Months & counting

. 16lbs 12oz . 26 3/4in .

. Milestones .
  1. cruises
  2. has her 3rd tooth
  3. went on her 2nd plane trip across country
  4. says "mama", "dada" and "nana"
  5. waves ... although it just looks like a raised fist
  6. has now eaten & likes zucchini, carrots, apple sauce, apple juice and thanks to her rebellious auntie, lemonade
  7. she STILL doesn't do well in the church nursery, and I get called out every Sunday (but secretly love it)

I have so much fun with this little girl, I call her my "mini-me". Her personality is showing more and she is more relational ... we can get her to laugh just by having fun with her, not just tickling. She likes to make us laugh. Here are some picture of what we like to do, Clover loves looking at herself in the camera!

It looks like she might have her daddy's hair, he has super curly hair and my hair is stick straight. And Clover's hair are starting to flip out ... super cute!

She loves kids, when we go to the Zoo or Disneyland, she stares and watches the kids; and if we would let her, she would crawl after them. So we are up for play dates, those of you out there with kids!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the baby who could fly

Another trip on an airplane has come and gone in Clover's young little life. How did she do, you ask? Splendid, is my reply. Why am I talking like this, you ask? Well, kind sir, I've decided to be more classy. Indeed.

Let's just pretend that first paragraph didn't happen, and move on to the rest of this update.

Clover did AMAZING! The Lord was so kind and allowed our 2 flights on the way out to Georgia to be half full, and we got a row to ourselves. So we placed Clover in the seat between us and she played by herself for majority of first flight. AND on the second flight, she slept for 3 hours of it, which is also mirculous! Thank you, Lord.

This trip to Georgia was a whole lot less stressful. My bodacious Brian preached at church on Sunday and he did awesome. Although, I didn't get to hear it in person (not to name names, but SOMEONE was in the nursery crying and I got called out) but many others have testified to his awesomeness.

We had a great time hanging out and catching up with some old friends and made some new friends. Clover has some new friends that are coming into the world soon, and some who just made it out (barely; Ashley, we thought he'd never come!) ;)

The best part about the trip? (sorry, I'm about to get graphic) I didn't get bit by a ton of bugs, pass out in a mall, throw up in a car, OR get mono/strep throat/whatever it was I had this last trip out. YAY ME! Things are looking up for Mackenzie L. Irby! Yes siree!

Now we are back home getting ready to go on vacation AGAIN! But to a lake house. So excited! I'll be back later to blog/brag about Clover's 8 month mark!

Good day sir, I say, good day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fabulous Updates

So I was informed that I need to make more updates. Sorry! It's a lot harder with a wandering crawler/cruiser. (I just found out what "cruiser" meant)

Update One:
Clover LOVES food! It makes me a little jealous how much more excited she gets for food rather than for me. Alas, my girl must grow up. She has tried zucchini and applesauce. Her face is PRICELESS. She didn't like the zucchini at first but now she does. Here is what she looks like while I feed her oatmeal, HER FAVORITE! Can you tell?

Update Two:
Remember how I said Clover loved swimming? Well now she has a swimming buddy, courtesy of Traci Buckner. Thanks Traci, she loves her duck! His name is Jeffrey.

Update Three:
Today we had a play date with Clover's best friend Allea! My best friend's daughter. It was so fun to see them actually be able to interact with each other. Although, Allea is a little bit of a bad influence. She had a poo stain on her pants, I'm not sure I want Clover to learn that. :) Sorry Whit, I outed your daughter ;)

Allea actually took this last picture ... isn't she beautiful?

We met up in Huntington Beach, her sister lives on the harbor in a beautiful and huge house. I've decided this is where I'm going to live. Now I just need a couple million $ to make that happen. Any donations? It goes to a good cause.

Update Four:
We are going to Georgia tomorrow! AH! So soon! Looks like Clover is ready to go. Let's pray I don't get "mono" again (that was sarcasm, I know it's hard to tell through blogging)

More to come:
1. Weekend Trip to Shaver Lake
2. Clover's 8 Months & counting
3. More veggies!
4. Oh and I broke my toe ... not so fun and not so straight anymore (the toe, I mean) :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready Ready Swim

"Ready Ready Swim" is the phrase I grew up with. It is what you say before you dunk the kids head under water. Eventually they learn to take a breath when they hear those words.

This is a little belated. Clover has had 2 "official" swim lessons, but plenty of swim time also. She LOVES the water and kicks her feet on her own ... so cute. One problem she does have is she likes to drink the water ... not so nice on the belly.

My Aunt (as I have said before) owns a swim school, so after the closing we get our "special" lesson. My aunt has been teaching at this swim school since she was in high school and she doesn't teach lessons anymore, but we brought her out of retirement! LOVE YOU AUNT STEPH!

I've got a little swimmer on my hands. I think if we ever own a house, we will need a pool ... hey, since Clover is doing well, why don't you all start praying for that!! Thanks!