Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clover - On The Road Again

Back when I was pregnant with Crimson I went to a good friend's baby shower {Elizabeth + baby Evelyn}
and her husband, Jesse {aka Uncle Jesus} came and hung out with Brian and Clover
and this is the result of that night

I'm just now sharing it because for the longest time I could not figure out how to put it on my blog!
well victory is finally mine

Friday, May 18, 2012

Only in the South pt. 10

this Only in the South is courtesy of my friend Karyn {her blog}
she is also a fellow Californian who has re-located to Georgia
 she wrote

Only in the South....

do your neighbors paint their garage bright red for their college team, and then proceed to sit on a couch in there just watching cars pass by because they don't have a porch.  I think this unusual, but maybe it's normal and I don't realize it?

I just want to know how Karyn took the picture without them seeing :)
sneaky sneaky!

since we're on this topic...
what is the big deal with college sports here????

every time we tell anyone that our baby's name is Crimson, the immediate question is ... did you go to Alabama?
 {by the way, no we didn't}

I just don't get it .... 

I guess I won't get any invites to come over and watch some football :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

February 2012

and on to February
{can't believe I made it back to the computer so fast?? me neither!}

february was pretty random so this will pretty much be pictures with commentary  
{which are the best}

First I found this picture on my computer and I probably stared at it for about 5 minutes and could not tell if it was my husband or not .... for a reference look at the picture to to the right of the screen

Clover got so good at being potty trained, she can now multi task
I believe she is reading beauty and the beast
 the girls are really getting along good
 this is how the play
 clover met a giant mickey which obviously she loved
 baby started clapping
 and standing
 we did an impromptu visit up to Tennessee to visit Brian's long time friend Anthony and his family
which was a blast! thanks Anthony and Marjorie!!

then just 6 weeks {or so} after our visit....Whitney and her kids just couldn't stay away, and they came to visit us!
{thelma and louise}

{3 days old and they are doing all the same things ... like standing!}
{our counterparts}

{ and this is why we are best friends}
 wish we could live next door to each other!! one day ..... one day :)

 the month ended with this girl learning how to blow raspberries ... and it was HIL-arious!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Catch up . January 2012

so I've been getting very friendly reminders that I haven't touched my blog in forever
we got a little side tracked at home {we're doing some home projects, but I'll touch on that later.....maybe} and I'm going to do try to catch up as quickly as I can

without further adieu....

January 2012

we flew home from Christmas vacation in California
just to hop in to the car again and visit my best friend Whitney and her 2 girls 
{but I wrote about that in Best Friends 2.0}

some mom's from the church got together, and we took our girls to see Beauty and the Beast in theaters. 
Apparently Monday nights are the best time to see old Disney movies replaying in theaters....we were the only ones in there. So we didn't have to worry about our kids being too loud. 
it was fun....Clover LOVED the popcorn {well she always has}


it snowed a little bit {a very little bit}
and this is how we felt about that....

 then, at the end of the month Brian's good friend, Ryan, came to visit from California
and he got the sticky ball down from our 2 story living room ceiling HOORAY!!!!
it's been up there since waaaaay before we moved in....and it was gross
but it provided the girls some entertainment

and that is how we ended January .... with a big ol' sticky ball BANG!