Thursday, January 2, 2014

4 years & counting

 4 years & counting ...

. 37 lbs . 4 ft .

. favorites .
bible song:
joy to the world

other song:
 "Let it Go" from Frozen

dance music:
Frozen soundtrack
drawing drawing drawing! uses up all our tape/paper...I find her pictures all over our house, stuck to walls/windows/doors
making paper dolls
making paper airplanes
tying knots with any string she can find {drives me crazy}
dressing up {skirts and heels go with everything}
Frozen + the mini movie from Despicable Me about ice cream?

Phineas & Ferb

Beauty and the Beast

bible story:

other story:
scary spider by daddy

Mac n Cheese
gum ball



game with daddy:
ride on daddy like a horse

bible verse:
eph. 6:1 
{disclaimer: she said this, I did not tell her to say this!!}

thing to do:
go on a date with mommy or daddy
thing to do with Crimson:
color and craft

what she wants to be when she grows up:
her words: "a mommy! but still be a kid because I'm your baby" 

your personality has become so refined
you are so fun/funny but you care so much about others and wanting them to have fun too
sometimes you get a little too crazy :)
you love to make people laugh
you can be so shy sometimes, and then other times you want to make friends with everyone in the room
you love to hear stories and tell stories
you've become so graceful since taking ballet-you love to dance for us in the living room, but no one else
you and crimson are best friends, we got you bunk beds for Christmas but you still sleep in the same bed together
you have really gained an understanding of sin, God, heaven
you don't like to disobey and sin, it makes you really sad and you tell us all the time that you wish you could just go to heaven and be with Jesus
you love to pray about things and always ask us to pray with you
whenever you want it to snow or stop raining you pray to ask God that
you are a serious crafter
you draw and make things for hours
we go through so much paper and tape, but I love to see your creativity
I can't wait to see what you can make as you get older

you even "crafted" your hair off
you love writing letters to your friends and putting them in the mail
you can even write now, you can write your name on your own 
if I write out sentences for you , you write them yourself by looking at them
you love to sing/dance
you make up your own songs:
wash wash wash your ha-ands 
then stop
pick up the soap
wash wash wash your ha-ands
then you tell your mom

this picture is so weird...makes me laugh everytime
 I love you lucky clover!
you are such a sweet girl and you'll always be my baby, even though you keep trying to grow up!