Thursday, January 27, 2011

13 Months & counting

. 21 lbs . 29in .

. milestones .
  1. 4 molars (1 is still on the way out poor babe)
  2. sits in a forward facing car seat and LOVES IT
  3. first In n Out burger (just cheese and a bun)
I'm not really into counting months after a year (because I always have to count on my fingers to figure out how old your kid really is when you tell me 19 months) BUT it keeps with the theme I've been doing.

fun fact: I started doing "blank Months & counting" because when I was in the hospital a lot with Clover, the only channel on the TV with anything good on was TLC and so we watched a lot of 19 Kids & Counting. I love the Duggar family!

Clover is our miss personality. She is so much fun, I just know she'll have so much fun with her little sister. That's right! another girl! Our Dr. is about 90% sure, and we go back in 3 weeks for our 18week 4D super awesome ultrasound, so I can give the for sure then. The only reason I was really hoping it wouldn't be a girl is because we cannot agree on a name. We have 2 boy names and zero girl names. But we have time.

So we'll have two little Irby girls running around, so keep your boys away!

just chillin' in her crib staring at the camera (creepy!)
trying on mom's sandals, such a cutie
soarin' over california, literally

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Place your Bets!

Alright followers, Wednesday is (Lord willing) the big day!

Are we having a boy or a girl?

Hopefully baby irby #2 will be as "immodest" (for a day) as Clover was. To help your decision: I have been craving meat especially hamburgers.
I haven't been very sick but I'm super exhausted and could probably sleep 14 hrs a day (but I was like that before children)

So? what do you think? huh? huh?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know this is late but better late than never right? .... right?!?!

So we flew to Georgia for Christmas and we brought the whole fam. My mom and dad included. Clover got a ridiculous amount of gifts ... I foresee restrictions on how many she gets next year, not because we don't want her to have toys, but we have too many to even know what to do with!

We had so much fun with all the family. We were all squished into MawMaw's(brian's grandma) house. Clover got to meet her beautiful new cousin baby Kate. We got no sleep thanks to Clover, she even graced us with our first experience of her falling out of a crib. Thank you. And to top it all of we had a beautiful white Christmas.

And I was blessed with a wonderful present. Brian got our families to go in on my gift and give me a really nice camera. It is top notch and even though I don't know the tricks to it yet, it still took beautiful pictures. It's so nice to be able to capture all of Clover's facial expressions, whereas my other camera would take to long to take the picture and I would miss everything. So thank you so much to my wonderful husband and family.

This is just a short and sweet little post, because it's so late. So here are some pictures of our favorite moments with my awesome new camera.

meeting baby kate for the first time
getting stuck between the laundry shoot & the wall
singing Christmas carols with Granny
receiving SO MANY Yo Gabba Gabba toys
I think this is a foreshadowing of E & JD's near future hint hint
MawMaw getting coal for Christmas (i know the lighting is bad, still figuring out photoshop)
day after Christmas football (see the guy in the shorts? yea, uh, crazy!)
hope you enjoyed our Christmas as much as we did!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 Months & counting

. happy birthday to my little blessing .
. 21 lbs . 29.3in .

  1. has said a few words, mostly babbles. I think we have an evangelist on our hands.
  2. successfully climbs out of the barriers I put up for her to keep her in one room
  3. no colds for the last few months! woohoo!
  4. rubs her tummy and says mMmMmm
  5. puts her finger to her lip and does lip blubbles (I don't know the correct term, but do you understand what Im trying to say??)
  6. has her first molar! phew that was a toughy!
  7. got more toys for Christmas than any kid should EVER receive
  8. had her first cupcake and ice cream ... bad idea ... she loves it, now she and I will probably be on Biggest Loser season 30 as the mother/daughter team (hopefully pink!)
Let me just recap our past for you who have missed it. We tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant (which doesn't seem like a long time compared with others who've been patient in the Lord for 15 years!) But still it was our struggle and the Lord used it to grow us where He wanted us. I prayed and cried for just one child, just one! And when we found out we were pregnant, we were on our knees crying and praising God. I have not stopped! This child is the biggest blessing I have received. She teaches me so much and loves me so much even when I don't deserve it. She is my little comedian and slowly turning into my little snuggler.
Okay on to the details. We celebrated her birthday with not one, but TWO birthday parties. I know, I know, we are pretty cool parents. ;) We had a California one, and Georgia with some family and some of our close friends. Clover got some really thoughtful gifts and we loved the fellowship and seeing everyone.

. birthday highlights .
first time eating pizza

your first Barbie!!!!

first time eating a cupcake

cool new outfit (the minnie mouse beanie & cute boots)

and to top it all off, we celebrated her first birthday with immunization shots! whoo hoo! I told you we were the best parents ever ;)