Thursday, December 16, 2010

Huntington Library

Let's play catch up! I have some posts to catch you up on, for the 3 of you that read this: Uncle Mark, Aunt Elyse and maybe like 2 others ... maybe. But hey, I do it for you guys!

So last month, November, our friend Steph got free tickets to the Huntington Library. I know, I know, who would pay to go to a library. Not this girl. So Im so glad she invited me, because I would have missed out on such a beautiful place! They have a bunch of gardens to visit and it's so peaceful there. My favorite was probably the Japanese Gardens, I think I'd like to have a bathroom designed after it and it can be my own personal at home spa. So here are some shots of Clover and her friend Ellie.

Aunt Elyse was there for moral support.

This is like the one shot I got with me and her where she's actually looking at the camera.

On a side note update. Clover didn't win the Gap Casting Call. Im only upset about it because the kids they picked out of the "baby girl" category, aren't babies! They are like 2 year olds. Not fair. :( Oh well, Im over it. ;)

We didn't get pictures of Thanksgiving ... I thought someone is suppose to follow us around making pictures so we can catch all those moments with mommy and daddy. Guess not. So I'm kind of a slacker with the picture taking. boo.

Other than that, the only other thing is Im still pregnant, due July 15th. Don't really have morning sickness, although got a fantastic case of the stomach flu with Brian. Somehow we did not give it to Clover, praise God!

We are going to Georgia for a week for Christmas and it's suppose to snow while we're there which is kind of exciting and kind of not. I don't know if any of us have snow weather clothes. And Clover's first birthday is coming up this weekend. So hopefully we will get this blog rolling again soon and I can get some pictures up here. Maybe I should just hire someone to follow me around with a camera all the time. That'd be nice. How do you other mom's do it? Don't you want to be in the pictures? Tell me some secrets!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In case you didn't know .....

Here's a little advertisement for you!

My husband, Brian, has been spending every moment of his free time to make this website and cd. His desire is to write music through Scripture, making sure it is sound doctrine but still has a good tune. He wants to do all this and make it available to any church music pastor who would want to use it. Sometimes the songs out there aren't so ... uh ... lets say accurate, and so that limits us to the songs we can use. But, what if your pastor is preaching through Hebrews?! Well, the answer is here! His first album Eternal Redemption just got printed and is up for sale. You can visit Brian's website for more information.