Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 years & counting

  3 is the new 2 ya know.
3 years old
about the size of an average 4 year old and a small 5 year old
{we get asked that a lot}
31 lbs  3 1/2 ft tall

. your favorites .

bible song:
Creation song that Daddy learned from his trip to the grand canyon
Day 1 Day 1 God made light when there was none 
Day 2 Day 2 God made clouds and skies of blue 
Day 3 Day 3 Land and sea and flowers and trees 
Day 4 Day 4 sun and moon and stars galore
Day 5 Day 5 Fish that swim and birds that fly
6 Day 6 Day Animals and man that day
Day 7 Day 7 God has rested in His heavens

 Also "it's Darby time, Hallelujah" is still a favorite in our house {from VBS}

Crimson and Clover {jimmy eat world version}
Love Story : Taylor Swift

 song to sing over and over and over and over {and drive mommy crazy}:
doe a deer
I know you {from sleeping beauty}

dance music:
any princess songs
the theme song from The Office

looking at princess pictures on google with daddy while listening to that princesses song on spotify
drawing princesses {your are getting so good at it!}

dressing like a princess/or just dressing up

pretty much anything princess
laying out every single kid movie into a line and counting them {actually it's been a great counting exercise, she can count to 78.....and it's sad that we have that many kid movies =\  }
tinker bell anything  
{thank you disney for pairing up with netflix, making this little girls dream come true}

diiiieeeeeggggoooo and dora
{they have taught you how to count to 10 in spanish! good job TV, job well done, you're hired!}

Jesus Storybook bible
I'm a Big Sister

pizza, mac n cheese, chikfila


you've love hearing made up stories about you and baby rescuing people and saving the day, and baby always says "ooga booga booga booga"

. funny things you've said/done .

"mommy, you are maleficent {evil witch/dragon from sleeping beauty}, daddy is the prince, I'm the princess and baby is tinker bell"
"crocolaid" = crocodile
"poorple" = purple
After telling you the story of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, and how He grew up and died for our sins, you said "yeah, and then Jesus got bit by a lion!"
it was raining really hard one day, and you said "oh no! Jesus will make it stop"
jumping off anything and saying "1 2 3 dreams come true!"
 naked party times with baby before you get into your pajamas for bed
hopscotch: it's just one of those things you need to see....hilarious
you ask to go back to disney world everyday! {not an exaggeration}

You love your friends and family, always asking to see them and "where are they"? You love to list everyone you love, and refer to baby as "your best friend"
your sunday school teacher told me that you get your friends to all hold hands when you pray in class :)
you love to talk and sing all day long. I try not to get irritated, it's so sweet, but I'm a sinner. You just want to ask questions about everything and know everything thats going on. And you want me to know everything you're doing and thinking.

I've gotten better at doing your hair, thank you mousse!

you still get carsick .... not cool!
{I think you're carseat has been washed more times than a carseat should ever be washed!}

{doing yoga with mommy}

. achievements .

potty trained!

no more pacifiers

sleeping well in your own bed

we have had no major accidents/injuries with you this year! Praise the Lord! no burned hands, no's been a whole new world! {I cannot say the same for baby, though}

I love you so much. I cried the day after you came into this world because time was moving to quickly. It has moved so fast. You grow so much everyday. Just the other day I heard you say "baby I'm sorry for {such and such} will you please forgive me" and it melted my heart.

You are so funny but you are also growing to be sensitive and caring. You don't always obey the first time, but you have a very tender heart when we discipline and you're always remorseful.

You always help me with the baby, getting me diapers, encouraging baby to say "yes" and not "no". You are a great big sister. 

You will always be my baby and I love you so muNch!

the end

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall for the Irby's

fall fall fall
this is the season that I absolutely love the south
I could do without winter and summer....
and from an allergy persons point of you, I could also do without spring

but Fall, yes, it is beautiful and feels so good
I could take pictures of leaves everyday...but then, what am I going to do with an album full of leaf and tree pictures??? I don't even do much with pictures of my kids!


fall brought:


 and family

more pumpkins
 pumpkin farms

{best picture of the night/weirdest faces ever!}
Leaf piles!

and the biggest Fall event was a big Fall {duh dun chiii}

Crimson broke her wrist by falling off the couch
 it was pretty cute

 until she pulled off the cast the next morning
 so now she's got a bigger one
 night night!