Saturday, September 21, 2013

Urology vist 2013

after months of waiting to be approved for insurance
and then waiting for the paper work to go through
we finally were able to have Clover's annual urology appointment

it's so funny {and not} how we easily forget what we've been through
after another year and a half of health, I've forgotten to pray continually, thanking the Lord for the sustaining of her kidneys.
how blessed are we to have a God that gives us mercy when I am so focused on myself and my life
 I'm so thankful that I started this blog
I thought I would never forget to pray daily for Clover's health
never forget the sound of her cry when she was in pain, or being poked or pricked
never forget the anxiety of awaiting test results or a surgery to be over

but I have.
and so I'm thankful for a journal to read through what I felt and prayed for
and pictures to remember how little my precious baby was
and for scripture to remind me how good the Lord is during a trial and during times of rest and peace

the Lord is good indeed.

even though I haven't been praying for it, God has again blessed us with not only a good report on her kidneys, but growth!
not only did the "good" kidney {left side} grow, but the scarred "little" kidney {right side} grew the same amount
I guess it is rare that scarred kidney's grow at all, but this one grew the same exact amount as the other!!
this doesn't necessarily mean it's working better or functioning better
we can't even tell that through an ultrasound, we would have to do a mag3 scan which I am not planning on Clover doing anytime soon {if God allows}

.  Praise the Lord .

Clover did so good. This was the first time she really understood what was going on.
Fortunately the Lord had me having a prenatal appointment the day before.
so Clover got to watch the doctor put "jelly" and a "wand" on my belly to listen to the baby in my stomach.
and the next day they would do the same to her, but we would get to see pictures on a tv of all the food/drinks she has eaten.
She thought'd it be funny if they saw juice and pancakes :)
And she was okay with them doing that, as long as it was a girl
{another praise, we got a girl technician! phew, one less thing to have to worry about}

 {January 2012}
{October 2013}
for some reason I thought it would be an okay thing to bring Crimson along
it's been so long since we've been in a hospital, that I've also forgotten how they don't always run on schedule!!!
we were there and through nap time
but how can I complain amongst this good news?!
I can't.
The Lord is still good. all the time. period.

in the next room there was a infant getting checked out too
I could hear his/her little cry and the crinkle of the paper as they held him/her down to do whatever
I could hear the mom trying to comfort the baby and the doctor talking and being really gentle
and I started tearing up
.that was us just 3+ years ago.
it's funny how those sounds took me back to those emotions I felt
thank you Lord for sustaining Clover's kidneys and health these past 2+ years
for bringing us through that trial and giving us good results
thank you for strengthening our faith in You and drawing us to You through that time in our lives
my girls recently learned the song Jesus, Thank You and sing it all the time
such a good reminder of what Christ has done for us, and how we should always be thankful
Jesus, Thank You!