Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yay! We did it! Clover did amazing! We found out when we got there that it was going to be a 2 hour MRI and I wasn't going to be able to watch or be with her. She couldn't eat 4 hours before the test, so her last meal was at 4am. I was nervous that she would be cranky and hungry ...but she was fine. I was allowed to lay her on the table in the room and stay with her till she fell asleep. Every time we go to the hospital, all the nurses and doctors think she is a boy. I usually keep a bow on her but for procedures I have to take them off. SHE'S NOT A BOY! AND CLOVER IS NOT A BOY NAME!! come on people!! :)

(as seen to your left)They gave us a pager, the kind that restaurants give you, and we waited in the waiting room. As soon as she started waking up I could come in. She was so pitiful with an oxygen tube in her nose :( As she started waking up she would cry and it sounded so weird ... it didn't sound like her! But don't worry it was, I didn't bring home the wrong baby.

Now she is home, recovering and doing just fine. Im so happy this test is over, next is seeing the doctor on Monday morning 8am.

The Lord is so good to us and has given us such a peace with all of this. He has really taught us to trust in Him and give thanks for the blessings we do have, like Clover's health. You would never know something was wrong with her just by the way she looks and acts. She is my little blessing and I cherish every smile. Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Months & counting

We hit the 3 month mark March 19!

13lbs . 25.5 in .
She was in the 75% in her weight and off the charts in height! She might have Brian's blood type but she's got my height :)

She had her first immunizations. I think all she's been through has prepared her for them because the first shot she didn't cry at all, the second she got a bit irritated and on the last one she was just plain angry! But she got over it fast and never got a fever.

Sitting up real well ... still needs help
Found her hands
Sucks thumb/fist
Rolled over one time but I'm counting it!
Still sleeping through the night
Smiled at herself in the mirror

Clover has two days to herself, her birthday (Dec. 19) and St. Patricks Day of course! So what did we do to celebrate her special day? DISNEYLAND! She got her very own Mickey hat that is green. We went on Snow White, It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Buzz Lightyear. Clover was chalky white most of the day because her mom didn't know how to put sunscreen on a baby ... thank you thank you. But all in all it was a great day, and no one stole our stroller which is what I was worried about the whole night before.

So far, no infection. 1 1/2 days until our MRI ... we can do this!! The MRI is at 7:30am Thursday. ALMOST THERE!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free At Last

Well our 10 days is up. Clover ended up having a bacteria called pseudomonas, which is a pretty serious one. It is only treatable with IV, so we had to stay 10-14 days to get treatments. We got home at about midnight on Thursday. They said we could stay another night but we wanted to get out of there, so as soon as Clover had her last dose of antibiotics from 10:30-11:30, we left. It was rough. Clover was perfect, you wouldn't even know she had an infection. It felt like we were just there to hang out for 10 days. But by the end I felt like I was going to go crazy in that room. The Lord was so good and provided a believing brother in Christ as a nurse on our last day and used him to encourage me. He used to attend Grace.

While in the hospital Clover has perfected holding her head up, watching tv and smiling. Oh and she also has learned to beat the system when they try to catheterize her. While they were spreading her legs she started urinating in a perfect arch, so they were able to get a clean specimen without ever poking her! whoo hoo! Clover's IV stayed in the whole 10 days which was amazing! We covered it up with a diaper so she couldn't hit herself in the face with it, she ended up trying to suck on the diaper! haha Her arm was so stinky when the wrapping came off ... I took her home and gave her a good scrub down in the bath.

We never got the MRI done. Because we were an in-patient at Huntington and the MRI was to be done at Childrens Hospital, we weren't allowed to go. But we have re-scheduled for the 25th. Please pray that we don't get another infection before then. Especially this last bacteria. There is no way to prevent pseudomonas and if she gets it again its an automatic 10 days minimum in the hospital again. I know the Lord would get me through it if I had to, but as of right now I feel like I can't take that again. It really takes a toll on you to be in a hospital for any amount of days.

So for now we are back on preventative antibiotics, and I recently started taking a coconut extract which should help Clover keep good bacteria in her system. We are also starting Clover on cod liver oil which our fellow urology patients say should help prevent UTI's.

Also, Clover is getting her first immunizations on Monday....YAAAAYYYY(full of sarcasm). Poor little girl is having a rough month. Hopefully we will be done with all this soon. Keep the prayers coming!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to the Future

Okay I don't know if my title totally fits but I always try to make them sound interesting ... we are BACK at the same hospital as we were before with the same infection, but it's the FUTURE. okay now that I had to explain it, it doesn't seem as cool. Oh well, it is 4:30 in the morning.

Well apparently the infection Clover has is a more serious bacteria that can only be treated through IV. Bummer. The first infection she had was E.Coli which is the most common and treatable, then she was put on daily antibiotics (I know that you know all this but Im getting somewhere). They told us that sometimes the bacteria gets "smart" and changes to get around the antibiotics, so she could get another infection. I dont think any of us thought it would happen so quickly and that the bacteria would become this one so fast! Clover just likes to keep us on our toes!

This is the same infection that I wrote about two posts ago, it just never went away. But PRAISE THE LORD Clover didn't get a fever and she is not fussy one bit. Her potty started smelling on Sunday and that was the only indication, so we are treating it before she gets a fever. So Lord willing, it only takes about 24 hours of antibiotic and if she doesn't get a fever than we can go home; in time for the MRI on Friday.

We also saw the urologist today and since she's in the hospital AGAIN! He is just as determined as we are for an immediate procedure after the MRI, the procedure will be determined after the test. We need to get this little girl healthy so we can get her to church to meet everyone that's been praying for her!

and off that note,
ANOTHER PRAISE: The doctor that is on call (who is just a really great woman and so nice). She came in and told us that a couple days, weeks ago (I cant remember) her daughters had a parent career day in their kindergarten class at Mountain Elementary School in La Cresenta. She asked if anyone had questions and a little girl raises her hand and says "Do you know Clover?" and she's not allowed to say because of privacy so she just responded "What a pretty name, why?" and the little girl said "She goes to my church and we're praying for her" so the doctor was impressed that we had a bunch of people and this little girl praying for us. SO NEAT!

So thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming. The Lord hears and has given Clover such peace. She has her IV and is all bundled up and she still keeps smiling. He has given us such a happy baby and we are truly blessed.

Another request, and I hope Im not over stepping any lines by putting it on here, I dont think I am. But please pray for Elyse and JohnDavid, they lost their baby yesterday at 10 weeks and we are all very sad. But we know that the little one is already in heaven with Jesus and that we'll meet him/her one day.