Wednesday, July 20, 2011

crimson + clover

announcing the birth of
Taryn Crimson Snow Irby
. 8lbs . 13oz . 20in .
july 8, 2011

Taryn is healthy, beautiful and perfect. Clover loves her and gives her far too many kisses.
as most of you know we were measuring a big baby.
one ultrasound said she was 10 pounds and another said she was 9 pounds
one thing that both dr's and ultrasounds saw though was that her abdomen was larger than average, and a lot of times when that happens there is risk of getting stuck which can result in nerve damage in the arm causing "limp arm"


there is no way to know if that risk is likely until you actually try to deliver
so after discussing with my dr and family (and praying about what is wise) we decided to take out all risks for baby and do a c-section
c-section wasn't my first choice, nor my doctors. He is very conservative and a believer in Christ and never would have offered it unless he thought there was a risk. Just putting that out there for those who think we were just taking the "easy way out".
{although after having both natural and c-section, I got to say recovering from natural is far "easier". Just what I've experienced, but everyone's experience is different.}

So Taryn is what I'll be calling her, Crimson is what my husband wants to call her. And Snow is from Isaiah 1:18. Our sins are red like crimson, but Christ will make them white as snow.
for those of you confused on what to call her, just call her whatever the heck you want :)
on that note my blog address has changed
the title of my blog is now
crimson + clover
{yes after the song}

so make note!

thank you for all the prayers, and for those who've brought us yummy yummy food! tonight we are getting in n out delivered to us! mMmMm