Monday, February 28, 2011

14 Months & counting

. 22 lbs . 29 in .

14 months ... uh thats ... uh ... 1 year and 2 months? ... yeah ...
Here are some picture highlights of what Clover has been up to lately.

still enjoying Yo Gabba Gabba ... me, not so much
Clover likes to try clothes on. She loves shopping for clothes and trying on shoes, the whole time saying "ohhh". thats my girl!
she loves coloring!
annnnd eating the crayons
Clover has the hair style I always wanted but was to afraid to have
work it, girlfriend!
now presenting ... PRINCESS CLOVER!
{wouldn't that be an awesome Disney princess name? yeah I thought so too}

whats new?

well Im now 20 weeks pregnant and getting kind of nervous again, 2 kids .... yikes! Clover and I have been sick for a couple days now and since Im preggers I can't take any medicine that would actually help {sorry Robitussin, you stink} So we have been hanging in doors and watching a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba and occasionally I get to choose a movie .... yeah, Im about to go insane. but we are on the mend and should be seen in the public eye soon enough!

shout out to my hubsters for taking care of us and cleaning up my trail of tissues and dishes <3

I was going to continue with a previous post that compared baby pics of me and the clove {Like Mother, Like Daughter}... buuuut ... apparently the albums from 1986-1994 are missing. So I will be on the search because I wont be here much longer to get able to get to them!
wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Plan is Foiled ... again

2011 (sigh) what to say
this is the year of change (hey Obama was right!) for the Irby household
Change #1.
by now most of you have heard our news plural. we are moving (again) back across country (again).
why is this so sudden?
for the past 4 years (since Brian started seminary) we have had "our plans" for our life. and the Lord usually is like "eh, nah, we're going to do something different" so eventually we decided that we would wait to tell people our plan till we knew our plan.
well that bit us in the butt.
this last christmas, while in Georgia the Lord provided an amazing job opportunity AND a house we had put an offer on finally accepted our offer ALL ON THE SAME DAY, the first day we were there! when does that ever happen? When it's the Lord's plan, that's when!
so....SURPRISE! by now we've had time to tell most of our friends in person, and if we haven't told YOU (yeah, you) then I am sorry, it was a complete surprise for me too.

Brian will be working as a biblical counselor and bible teacher at a Christian school just down the street from our house. He must report back there at the end of July. He will also be a pastor of some sort at our church there. Click here to learn more about our amazing church family!

Change #2.
Our house weird saying that
We have been married 5+ years and have NEVER lived on our own! We have always lived in someone's basement, guest house, or in the next room. And it has been a blessing! But it is time to have our own place.
Our house is AH-MAY-ZING, I never thought I could ever have a house like this. Let me start of by saying that in Georgia houses are so much more affordable, especially with the economy right now; and it just so happened to be a short sale. I say all this for my California folk because growing up in California you're used to smaller houses, smaller properties and HUGE mortgages. So if anyone wants to save money and get your dream house, FOLLOW US!

Change #3.
this is no surprise
we're pregnant. this was also not apart of "our plan" which is the theme to all this change in our life :)
baby girl due july 15th
I'm torn. I love the church we are going to, they are an amazing church full of people we love and who have supported us through seminary even though we only lived there almost a year. I love that we have the possibility of actually owning a house!
I love my church here. I love my friends that I have reconnected with, I love how most of them are having children that are Clover's age and will be born around the time of our new baby, I love going to the zoo with them, I love the Bible study support, I love them! I love the weather, I love how in the middle of winter we are wearing flip flops and shorts, I love how the ocean is an hour away (maybe I don't go a lot, but I could if I wanted!)
And don't forget my family. they are EVERYTHING to me. My mom is probably my best friend, living with her has brought us so close, especially having Clover here with us.
The Lord is Sovereign and everything He does is for our good and for His glory. How can I be discontent when this is so obviously His will for my life? So I will be sad, I'll probably cry A LOT I already have but I will trust in my God and give Him glory for all.
So, my new "plan" is to pray for the Lord's return to rapture all believers to heaven, so we can be all together with Him.

Let's pray!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shaver Lake pt. 2

we were privileged once again to be invited to this amazing cabin with some amazing friends!
THIS is a glimpse at the first trip.
and this time we got to go when there was snow!
it was a very eventful weekend with bumps on the heads, cheerios and an assortment of food all over the floor, snow forts, a CT scan, sledding, snowboard injury, babies! and lots of kids running around.
you know how we party people do!
(actually I think we were all in bed by 10 almost every night. yeah we're old so what?!)

disclaimer: no babies were harmed during this photo shoot

stevie nose-diving
i love their faces!
our own private concert
katherine, clothe your daughter! immodest ;)
i like this picture because you can see how jess and i are as tall as the other girls when we are sunk in the snow ;)
my california girl, we don't like the cold!
thank you Bussells! we love you guys!