Thursday, October 27, 2011

Only in the South pt.5

only in the south ....

do you get driving directions referring to "The Big Chicken"
"just drive down Cobb Parkway till you reach the Big Chicken and then turn Left"
"you'll know your almost to the 75 when you see the Big Chicken"
"oh, its just right across the street from the Big Chicken"

its even a magnet
{and yes, we own one}
it even has it's own wikipedia page
it says it was built in 1956, which I guess is why so many people refer to it in directions

maybe if some of you decide to visit us, you'll be lucky enough to get a glimpse of this beauty

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrify vs. Smart

one quick thought

Brian and I tend to be on the extreme end of thrifty
we don't mind using a couch that we found on the side of the road or someone's old carpet
{for those planning on coming over, this was at our old place, not in the new house .... yet}
we could care less if a bookshelf we really like was peed on by someone else's dog
{we did wash it off before use}
we always buy the grocery store brand cereal, honey, rice etc

but a couple of things we absolutely refuse to be thrifty with are

1. toilet paper

not to get into too much detail
but we have found that we end up using way more of the cheap stuff to get everything
... uhh .... well clean .... {awkward moment}
it is so much more worth it {to us} to buy Charmin
sooo nice :)

2. diapers

huggies and costco are our go-to's
walmart brand = very nasty diaper rash and lots of wet pj's and sheets

what are some things you guys refuse to be thrifty on??
maybe through your suggestions I'll save some heartache I haven't yet realized I'm experiencing

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Along Came Nana

one of the highlights since our move is.....
she came to visit just 2 weeks after we moved
so to make the most of our time, we jam packed it with all kinds of activites

first Clover decided to burn her hand on the tail pipe so we got to go to the burn center to start off nana's trip
parents be careful when getting kids out of the car, the tail pipe is right at their level, the burn doc said it's a common injury with toddlers
{she just misses being at the hospital, I think}
{and so do I, can you tell?}
then we went to a tea party
{she got her very own tea and tea cup, decaf of course}{and chocolate goodies}{nana, mawmaw and bebe}Brian and I celebrated 6 years of marriage
and nana babysat so we could eat this!
to burn the calories from the above
nana and I walked the dreaded hill by our house
when you walk either way from our house you have to go up a hill ... pushing a double stroller WITH a second person is still way hard!
{too tired to even look at the camera and smile}
and before we said goodbye we visited the lake nearby and got Georgia's famous clay all over our shoes and floor boards
{notice the lovely bandage and sock on Clover's burned hand}we miss you nana
and love you very very much
can't wait to see you in December!
we're going to DISNEYLAND!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Only in the South pt.4

only in the south...

do you find a man getting out of his car to use the
drive-thru ATM at the bank
you do realize they have ones that you can walk up to that are made for people like you?

if you click on the picture you can see him wiping his face like
"geez this is really really hard"

....oh boy....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crimson: 3 Months & counting

. 13 lb . 24 in .
{to compare with Clover click here}

. milestones .
sits up with help
found hands and chews on them all the time
she rolled from her tummy to her back
can roll from back to side ... but not all the way to tummy yet
{all I wanted in my children was a mini me and a mini brian and one blue-eyed child, and it looks like I got it!!}
well things are a lot different than the last time I had a 3 month old
at this age Clover had already had about 3 bladder infections and within the next month would bring her first surgery
praise God for health

Instead, Crimson is going through normal baby things like.....
trying to get her to sleep all the way through the night
eat without falling asleep
take a bottle while in the nursery at church
{nap time, don't worry baby can breathe :)}
she has turned into the sweetest little baby
a godly mommy of 6 or 7 kids {I lost count} told me once that her babies that cried the most turned into the sweetest children
in our case very true

she rarely cries now
{except in the car, but whose kid doesn't cry in the car?? I'd like to know!}
she is content just lying on the couch/floor watching Clover play around her
she coos and gurgles in delight whenever someone looks at her
and is just thrilled when Clover goes to bed and mommy can finally hold her non-stop till her bedtime
{he could definitely be a Mr. Mom, he was doing dishes too}
Clover's favorite sentence for her, though, is:
"mommy, baby crying"
Taryn{crimson} use to cry so much Clover got used to it, now she doesn't cry, but Clover will still tell me this

praise the Lord my girls love each other
Clover loves to hold her when we read our rhyme bible at night
and she is always giving her hugs and kisses {leading to the babies first cold}

Okay Im going to quote a gabba song for those of you that know it and can sing along
"I love.....y love my family, my family"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Only in the South pt.3

only in the south

do you find a car covered top to bottom in mud
and it was a girl driving
how do you even do this?
where do you even accomplish this?
why didn't you wash your car when you were done?

so many questions!

Friday, October 7, 2011

fun finds

one of the funnest things about having my own house is I get to fill it with
MY things!
I would rather have an empty house and slowly fill it with the things I like
than fill it right away and then have to replace things
it's a slow process but I'll get there {one day, Lord willing}

here are some fun finds I've found
{i got this in California before we left}
z gallerie couch
orig. probably around $1000
craigslist $50
{also from California}
crate and barrel media cabinet
orig. $400
craigslist $80
ikea Expedit 4x4 bookcase
orig. $129
craigslist $50
{yard sale}
lamp $3
{yard sale}
chair $10
this wasn't really a fun find
it's just from the grocery store,
but it's important because it holds our popcorn kernels
and that is a very important task because while we still lived in California my dad and Clover would always pop their own popcorn and share it
so when we moved Clover got a special package in the mail from grandpa
her very own popcorn popper and kernels :)
i love me some craigslist <3

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the tour

so I've gotten asked {harassed} by many to post pictures of the house

most of these pictures are from our realtor before we moved in or ever saw the house in person
I have plenty of painting to do and decorating, and those can hopefully be {one day, maybe} an "after" blog post

I took the time to add captions to explain how the layout is
Brian laughed at me, yeah so Im weird okay?
but when I first saw the pictures before seeing the house in person it was confusing
so don't laugh at me
and if you do, don't tell me
and if you do tell me, than .... your mean

without further ado ..... our house

{what looks like an innocent little hill is actually the most wicked, evil hill EVER that kicks my butt when trying to climb the other side of it with a double stroller, curse you hill!!!!!}
{hate the green, one of the first things to be painted!}

{my ugly booger green kitchen, also to be painted straight away!}{i was getting her up from her nap and she refused to look at me and smile}
{I guess she was embarrassed that she's just in her diaper}
{oh yes, those would be my barbies in their awesome barbie limo}
and let me end by saying we would not have been able to afford this if it weren't for the Lord
{and the dropped pricing in houses}
we got an amazing deal and short sale
and after living in my dream home and doing the yard work and cleaning it
Brian and I both wonder why in the world do people think "bigger is better"
this is false ... bigger means more work! phew!
{and more places to lose your kids, not that it's happened! just saying}

ok go laugh at me behind my back now
but you know deep down how grateful you are that I labeled everything so meticulously