Sunday, November 24, 2013

Indigo Lee

I need to write this before I forget the details!
It was Sunday October 13.
I had just got home from church, telling everyone I don't think Indie is coming anytime soon because I felt great and wasn't having any frequent contractions, although I had been 3cm dilated since Tuesday
my parents wanted us to go do a video tour through a home near our house, and my dad even made the joke "don't have that baby before you can send me the video!" {yea okay, she's not coming}
we pull in the driveway {1:30pm} after we saw the home and I peed my pants
but wait, it's not pee, my water broke {I thiiiink....}
thankfully my in-laws were already at our house feeding the girls lunch, so we didn't have to call anyone. just started getting my stuff together
I had just said, I need a shower, but too late, we needed to go!

{this was a huge praise, I had never gone into natural labor before and I was kind of anxious about how to time contractions, so thankfully my water breaking clued me in that I was in labor
our hospital is about 30 min away and always has traffic, so I was worried about going into labor during traffic time and not getting there in time. But it was Sunday, no traffic!
thank you Lord!}

the whole way to the hospital I wasn't really contracting, so I started thinking "maybe I did just pee my pants, that would be embarrassing to show up to the hospital and be sent home for a weak bladder!"
{on the way to the hospital...little nervous}
by the time we checked in and got to my room {3:30pm} I was 5cm and having contractions every 2-3 min 
I had been praying and asking for prayer that I could have a vbac {since I had a c-section with Crimson} and I was going to try to go medication free
{here we gooooo!}
but by 6:00pm I couldn't do it! I was demanding an epidural now! 
But the Lord answered my prayer even though I had changed my mind
{be careful what you ask for!}
and I gave birth to Indigo Lee at 6:50pm
started pushing her out as the anesthesiologist walked into the door and quickly turned around and left
come back!!!
Indigo was 9lbs 3.5oz 21in of beautiful irby-ness
of course my natural birthed baby had to be my biggest!
than the fun really started....{not}
but I'll share that later for those who are curious about the details but I haven't seen
I wanted to end this blog with the excitement of having a brand new beautiful baby girl!
science lesson of the day:
indie tested coombs positive which means antibodies from my blood was already in her system attacking her
clover and indie both have A+ blood, like Brian
I have O+ blood
and apparently those do not mix well at all
clover had jaundice, but not much, and my body recognized clover's blood as a disease and made antibodies against it
so now indie is the 2nd child to have that blood type, so my body was ready to attack
so her jaundice levels were way worse, and she had to go under LED lights for 24 hours
it was so sad :(
she had a little mask on, and I could only hold her every 3 hours when I fed her
I had to be discharged, but she needed to stay an extra day
thankfully they have rooms called "nesting rooms", if they have rooms available, they let moms stay overnight without any medical/food assistance

thankfully the jaundice went away soon after we were discharged

this is where she got the nickname "indi-glow"
thank you all for praying for me!
I'm so thankful I was able to have a vbac and do it natural, even though I was not happy at the time! :)
I'm thankful I got to experience it
and it just reminds me of the curse of sin
the pain of labor is part of the curse of sin and it reminds me that it is not supposed to be this way
I'm so much more thankful for Christ's sacrifice for me!