Friday, June 15, 2012

Only in the South pt. 11

Only in the South.....

do you see a business name like this
couldn't think of a better name??
I guess it doesn't matter...the people who need root canal's don't get them by choice

{and for those who follow my instagram...yes I posted this awhile ago with the intent to use it for Only in the South but it was just too good a sign and I had to share it with someone!}

Thursday, June 14, 2012

May 2012

brian's off of work! 
{sort of, if you know brian he is never not working on something}

it's not summer without 

 memorial day

flowers are blooming so beautifully and Clover loves to smell them
 this is one blossom! they got so big, but I don't know what they are!

and summer here is a little different
we get to experience lightening bugs, every night!

 making memories with my girls!

what we don't have pictures of, is that we are finishing off our basement
brian has been working on it every spare second he has
framing, running electrical wire throughout, plumbing, sheet rocking, mudding
all by himself {with help for the electrical}
we're going to be having a young seminary couple live with us for a little while, while the husband is finishing seminary
we were wanting to do use our house somehow for ministry, that's why we got a bigger house, but we thought it'd be a couple years....and the Lord just had this fall into our lap
so now as we are preparing to fly to california in a week and a half, and we are spending more money than we originally calculated....we are continually reminding ourselves that the Lord is good and provides.

with all that said and done.....I have officially caught you up to what is going on in the Irby household
yay...good did it....
now for a celebratory cookie dough treat ;)
{and maybe some sit ups afterward to work it is summer after all....swim suit season {shutter} }

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 33th Birthday Bri Bri!

Happy Birthday to my Bri Bri
my best friend
the best dad
my GQ model
the funniest person I know
 the hardest worker
 the best griller
I love you so so muNch and feel privileged to have you as my baby daddy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crimson: 9 & 10 Months and counting

9 Months
.  16 lbs 7.9oz  .  27in  . 

. milestones .

still wearing 6 month old clothing
self feeding
first top tooth
first steps
loves climbing stairs {so the baby gates are back up}
first meat, taco's!
learned what "no" means and cries every time I say it
 she does this hilarious thing, where she breathes really hard in and out of her nose real fast to make us laugh....and this is that face
 did not like playing with cold water


and thennnn


10 Months

.  16 lbs  .  27in  .
{yeeeeah no change, little petite girl}
. milestones .

took 5 steps!
doing great in the nursery took awhile :)
{so thankful for the faithful women who serve in the nursery and held me crying baby till she got used to it! thank you!!}
ate her first watermelon
loves playing on Clover
loves bread {just like her mama and clo clo}
likes to help unload the dishwasher ;)
loves cheerios {and I find them in all sorts of places....on her}
said her first word...not clearly but it was "all done" and she repeated it a bunch
spent the night at bebe's house
her crawling technique on concrete

 wow that's a lot of pictures....I can't help it, my baby is beautiful! not that I'm biased ;)
well I had to squeeze these two updates in before tomorrow which is Taryn's 11 Months! ah! she's growing up toooo fast!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

April 2012

allllmooost caught up!

after the slower month of March, resting and what not we finally came to

my mom {nana} came to visit again! wahoo!

with her in town we were able to paint our ceilings {not wahoo}
including our 18 ft ceilings! was fun for about 0 seconds
as you can see, we started with a looooong pole....well that was hard {really, was it? YES!} so we rented a scaffold
since we had a scaffold we also put up crown molding
{my hard working husband, so blessed}
we also adding molding around the center of the room to add more design to the loooong walls
also if I ever get the itch to re-paint, I can just repaint the bottom half and not the entire room
as much as I'd like to claim the credit on this genius idea, I got the idea from another blog
 look! I helped too!!
 the girls took a break and did our traditional outing
we always go to tea with nana, bebe and mawmaw
I started and finished my very first pinterest project
we had a pre-Easter hunt with our friends that we first met 6+ years ago when we first came to Georgia, we were all newly married and now we all have kids {with one couple's first on the way}
{ this looks good on you Johanna! ;) }
{this is the only picture I could get of all the kids
I had to tell them "look an airplane" that didn't work on Cole though}
then we had a family Easter hunt
Clover, being the only kid there, got all the eggs and attention
{cute bebe}
{a girl and her pawpaw}
{it was a long day}
we stopped to smell the roses
we had good times with our friend Cooper
{Clover pronounces his name with a french accent, Coop-air}
finished painting the kitchen, entry way and upper living room
{upper living room}
{looking upstairs from entry way}
{upper entry way}
{entry way}
I didn't take a picture of the kitchen, but here is a good shot of the color
it used to be green
the eennnnnd
I still have a little bit more painting to do, but after these big portions I'm taking a much needed breather