Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Year of the 5

I'm going to stretch this idea a bit so bear with me. On a tangent is it "bear with me" or "bare with me"? That is the question of the hour, isn't it?

Five number 1
This year we have added a fifth member to our family, Clover! How? We consider our dogs our first children, and yes we do realize that for those of you who don't really like dogs we seem crazy! If I were to never get married or have children I would be the crazy dog lady. My dream is to have a huge house with property, overflowing with dogs and children! Ah, I'm going off topic again! Sorry. So there are five of us.

Okay moving on!

Five number 2
Indiana, our first child, turned 5 this year. We always celebrate with hot dogs which he barely chews, just swallows them whole. Gross.

Five number 3
We have been married 5 years this last September 17. Yes, we made it. We are now considered a wise married couple, so if anyone needs counseling you know who to call. No not us! The church, they'll give you someone good. ;)

We celebrated by going to Oceanside and staying in a beach house right on the beach! It was beautiful and COLD! Clo enjoyed the sand, putting it in her mouth, in her diaper, pretty much anywhere. And right before we left there was a hot rod drive right outside, they were pretty cool. Five years came fast, and now that we have a babe it's going to go a whole lot faster.

Now Im not really a sentimental or emotional person, but I don't want my love for my husband to go unnoticed. The Lord gave me a man that I didn't think existed. He was everything on my "list" that I wrote out when I was 16 as a new believer in Christ. He is my perfect counterpart. We don't even have to say anything, just a look and he knows what Im thinking or looking at or wondering about. He is patient, kind, gentle, playful, hilarious, and all around my best friend. And like I tell him all the time, he better NEVER die!!! He is my little poopsie (like from the little mermaid).


  1. Where are the other fives?? I was totally into it, I want more!! :)

  2. Fun! Can't believe it's really been that long! Brandon knows he has AT LEAST a 50 year contract with me...making us 85 before one of us is allowed to go...and even then, I demand to go first. I know God is sovereign but I think this is reasonable. :) Congrats on all the 5's!