Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the triple "P" threat

that's right ... it's a Phone Picture Post

Brian has been traveling for work a lot recently ... up and down the coast ... and when he is gone he feels like he misses out on so much ... he'll come home and clover has all these new words or fun little things she'll do

so what I do {as the most sensitive and loving wife} is I take pictures of what we do throughout the day and send him little updates of our this and that's {this and that's, what? shhh}

so here are some of my fav's of our day to day living
some of these date back before brian traveled so much but they are still fun

{these are my birdies I watched go from eggs to little birds that flew away}
{look at their little mouths!}

{these guys were riding on this motorcycle together and it made us laugh, so we followed them around trying to get a good picture but we were too late and they were off the bike, aw well}

{old man clover and sick brian ... he's so fine}

{this should be a valentine's day hallmark card}

{this is one of my all time fav pics}

{another fav ... back when clover could actually sleep next to us without playing}

{she ate mr. potato head!!!!!!}

{don't even ask what jd is doing to my dog ......}

{chic babeh}

{drama queen}

{you know ... hanging out .... eating cheerios & watching the tube}

{find huckleberry}

{best buds playing fort}

{watching gabba with the crown on ... upside down ... nothing out of the ordinary}


{using a spoon}

{how did grandma fit in there?!?!}

{wearing mama's shoes}

{i don't know ....}

{this looks SO uncomfortable!}

{yay I actually made it into a picture!}

annnnnd ... that's how we do! <3


  1. i love all use your phone to call me since i don't have your number! can't wait to see you on Saturday!

  2. the pictures + your captions = hilariously awesome post :) haha
    my favorite is 6th from the top...

  3. Old Man Clover was re-diculous! I don't think I've ever seen circles under the eyes that big on anyone (including Grandma Dorothy)! :)