Wednesday, June 22, 2011

18 Months & counting

. 24 lbs . 3_ in .

. milestones .
my fav words: mermaid . my bad . i love you (but it sounds nothing like that) .
knows different body parts like ear . eye . bellybutton . toes
loves other kids, doesn't even cry going into sunday school

well this is her last month to month update ... her next one will be December when my little baby turns 2 :(

So ... what have we been up to?
the following

swim lessons {remember this face, back in the beginning of May?}
{not to happy, right?}
{she can climb out and jump back in}
{she loves it ... she doesn't even look back at us after she gets in the water geez, want me to leave? :) }
{enjoying being outside with daddy}

we've been spending a lot of time outdoors, in the jacuzzi just enjoying the nice weather
Im going to miss my California summers
pregnancy update
I am 37 weeks pregnant and ready to go! Come on out little girl!
every tuesday and thursday, I walk our big hill to take Clover to and from swim lessons, that's got to encourage labor right???
lets hope so

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