Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall for the Irby's

fall fall fall
this is the season that I absolutely love the south
I could do without winter and summer....
and from an allergy persons point of you, I could also do without spring

but Fall, yes, it is beautiful and feels so good
I could take pictures of leaves everyday...but then, what am I going to do with an album full of leaf and tree pictures??? I don't even do much with pictures of my kids!


fall brought:


 and family

more pumpkins
 pumpkin farms

{best picture of the night/weirdest faces ever!}
Leaf piles!

and the biggest Fall event was a big Fall {duh dun chiii}

Crimson broke her wrist by falling off the couch
 it was pretty cute

 until she pulled off the cast the next morning
 so now she's got a bigger one
 night night!


  1. Best. pictures. ever. I love that your kiddos are just as quirky as you and Brian. :)

  2. THE COTTON PICKING! HAHAHAHAH and my favorite insta ever: the neck grabbing one!
    Excited to see you guys!