Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mag3 Scan Complete

Well we did it. I only knew what the test was going to show us, I didn't know what the test would consist of. I found out this information on our way to get the test done. Clover was going to get a shot of radioactive type medicine then have to lay on a table completely still for one whole hour. WHAT?!?! Did they realize Clover is a 2 month old baby that we can't explain that to?? Well the Lord was so good to us, I was praying fervently that she would just be calm and sleep. First we had to get an IV and catheter in place ... I was not looking forward to that but let me just say I LOVE Children's Hospital! The nurse got the IV in with one poke, and got the catheter in with one poke. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! She barely cried! So then I went ahead and fed her to help her be content with a full tummy. And as soon as I put her on the table she fell asleep and stayed asleep until she had 3 minutes left. God is so good!! They did have to strap her down to make sure she stayed still. So sad.

So it was so neat I got to watch on the screen as the radioactive medicine would light up as it went through her kidneys, to her ureters, and then to her bladder. The test showed no obvious blockage, but it did show that one kidney is doing 85% of the work while the other is only doing 15%. This is what the perinatologist saw when she was still in my stomach. So since it didn't show why, we have to go back in 2 weeks to do an MRI scan which will give them a clear view of everything, but it does require sedation.

This whole process hasn't been fun, but the Lord has been so good to us and to Clover. We have such amazing doctors who care about her just as much as we do. We have seen Him work things out with huge things like her falling asleep for the duration of the test and little things like allowing us to find a parking spot every time(the Childrens Hospital parking is ALWAYS full). Thank you all so much for praying and enduring with us, please keep praying that we can find out the answer and fix it soon and that in the meantime find a way to keep the infections away. The Lord has a plan for Clover, to Him be the glory forever and ever.


  1. So awesome to watch the Lord work in even "small" things that I think are huge (like Clover sleeping through the test).

    Praising God for the blessing of your daughter :)

  2. Keep up your great attitude! And I love the "small" things the Lord helps us with,it get us through the BIG things. You are in our prayers.
    Vicki and Phillip Taylor