Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free At Last

Well our 10 days is up. Clover ended up having a bacteria called pseudomonas, which is a pretty serious one. It is only treatable with IV, so we had to stay 10-14 days to get treatments. We got home at about midnight on Thursday. They said we could stay another night but we wanted to get out of there, so as soon as Clover had her last dose of antibiotics from 10:30-11:30, we left. It was rough. Clover was perfect, you wouldn't even know she had an infection. It felt like we were just there to hang out for 10 days. But by the end I felt like I was going to go crazy in that room. The Lord was so good and provided a believing brother in Christ as a nurse on our last day and used him to encourage me. He used to attend Grace.

While in the hospital Clover has perfected holding her head up, watching tv and smiling. Oh and she also has learned to beat the system when they try to catheterize her. While they were spreading her legs she started urinating in a perfect arch, so they were able to get a clean specimen without ever poking her! whoo hoo! Clover's IV stayed in the whole 10 days which was amazing! We covered it up with a diaper so she couldn't hit herself in the face with it, she ended up trying to suck on the diaper! haha Her arm was so stinky when the wrapping came off ... I took her home and gave her a good scrub down in the bath.

We never got the MRI done. Because we were an in-patient at Huntington and the MRI was to be done at Childrens Hospital, we weren't allowed to go. But we have re-scheduled for the 25th. Please pray that we don't get another infection before then. Especially this last bacteria. There is no way to prevent pseudomonas and if she gets it again its an automatic 10 days minimum in the hospital again. I know the Lord would get me through it if I had to, but as of right now I feel like I can't take that again. It really takes a toll on you to be in a hospital for any amount of days.

So for now we are back on preventative antibiotics, and I recently started taking a coconut extract which should help Clover keep good bacteria in her system. We are also starting Clover on cod liver oil which our fellow urology patients say should help prevent UTI's.

Also, Clover is getting her first immunizations on Monday....YAAAAYYYY(full of sarcasm). Poor little girl is having a rough month. Hopefully we will be done with all this soon. Keep the prayers coming!!!! :)

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  1. Clover is so precious. And you are doing a wonderful job( both of you.)
    Just hang in there. And the Lord will be your strength. So glad you are home. Take of each other.
    Praying for y'all!!
    Love Vicki Taylor