Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to the Future

Okay I don't know if my title totally fits but I always try to make them sound interesting ... we are BACK at the same hospital as we were before with the same infection, but it's the FUTURE. okay now that I had to explain it, it doesn't seem as cool. Oh well, it is 4:30 in the morning.

Well apparently the infection Clover has is a more serious bacteria that can only be treated through IV. Bummer. The first infection she had was E.Coli which is the most common and treatable, then she was put on daily antibiotics (I know that you know all this but Im getting somewhere). They told us that sometimes the bacteria gets "smart" and changes to get around the antibiotics, so she could get another infection. I dont think any of us thought it would happen so quickly and that the bacteria would become this one so fast! Clover just likes to keep us on our toes!

This is the same infection that I wrote about two posts ago, it just never went away. But PRAISE THE LORD Clover didn't get a fever and she is not fussy one bit. Her potty started smelling on Sunday and that was the only indication, so we are treating it before she gets a fever. So Lord willing, it only takes about 24 hours of antibiotic and if she doesn't get a fever than we can go home; in time for the MRI on Friday.

We also saw the urologist today and since she's in the hospital AGAIN! He is just as determined as we are for an immediate procedure after the MRI, the procedure will be determined after the test. We need to get this little girl healthy so we can get her to church to meet everyone that's been praying for her!

and off that note,
ANOTHER PRAISE: The doctor that is on call (who is just a really great woman and so nice). She came in and told us that a couple days, weeks ago (I cant remember) her daughters had a parent career day in their kindergarten class at Mountain Elementary School in La Cresenta. She asked if anyone had questions and a little girl raises her hand and says "Do you know Clover?" and she's not allowed to say because of privacy so she just responded "What a pretty name, why?" and the little girl said "She goes to my church and we're praying for her" so the doctor was impressed that we had a bunch of people and this little girl praying for us. SO NEAT!

So thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming. The Lord hears and has given Clover such peace. She has her IV and is all bundled up and she still keeps smiling. He has given us such a happy baby and we are truly blessed.

Another request, and I hope Im not over stepping any lines by putting it on here, I dont think I am. But please pray for Elyse and JohnDavid, they lost their baby yesterday at 10 weeks and we are all very sad. But we know that the little one is already in heaven with Jesus and that we'll meet him/her one day.


  1. Clover looks really happy for a girl who has had a serious infection. I'll be praying for her through all of this. I look forward to meeting her in April.

  2. We're praying. I'm so sorry to hear this. Keep us updated when you get a chance.

  3. For the couple who just lost a baby there is a song from a christian group Selah. The song is I will carry you. (Audrey's Song) what a touching song.
    It will help with their heartache and their heartbreak. Maybe this will help
    They are in our prayers. And so are you and Brian and little Clover.
    Kenzie, you are an inspiration what a strong mom you are.

  4. o no mackenzie! im so sad for elyse right now! i had no idea....and I am sorry to hear about clover too but that's awesome that she isn't fussy! She's gunna grow up to be one tough cookie! I cant wait to finally meet her!

  5. Hey Kenzie..it's Bryce! I'm praying for you and especially CLOVER. I hope you are getting some rest. Praise GOD for His wonderful mercy to all of you and I hope she gets to go home soon!!