Thursday, January 27, 2011

13 Months & counting

. 21 lbs . 29in .

. milestones .
  1. 4 molars (1 is still on the way out poor babe)
  2. sits in a forward facing car seat and LOVES IT
  3. first In n Out burger (just cheese and a bun)
I'm not really into counting months after a year (because I always have to count on my fingers to figure out how old your kid really is when you tell me 19 months) BUT it keeps with the theme I've been doing.

fun fact: I started doing "blank Months & counting" because when I was in the hospital a lot with Clover, the only channel on the TV with anything good on was TLC and so we watched a lot of 19 Kids & Counting. I love the Duggar family!

Clover is our miss personality. She is so much fun, I just know she'll have so much fun with her little sister. That's right! another girl! Our Dr. is about 90% sure, and we go back in 3 weeks for our 18week 4D super awesome ultrasound, so I can give the for sure then. The only reason I was really hoping it wouldn't be a girl is because we cannot agree on a name. We have 2 boy names and zero girl names. But we have time.

So we'll have two little Irby girls running around, so keep your boys away!

just chillin' in her crib staring at the camera (creepy!)
trying on mom's sandals, such a cutie
soarin' over california, literally


  1. That picture of her in her crib reminds me of the home movie of you "reading" a book upside down in your bed when you were supposed to be taking a've both got the "Ima gonna do what I want" mentality :)

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations on another little sweet pea girl! Sisters - just like you and yours:)