Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shaver Lake pt. 2

we were privileged once again to be invited to this amazing cabin with some amazing friends!
THIS is a glimpse at the first trip.
and this time we got to go when there was snow!
it was a very eventful weekend with bumps on the heads, cheerios and an assortment of food all over the floor, snow forts, a CT scan, sledding, snowboard injury, babies! and lots of kids running around.
you know how we party people do!
(actually I think we were all in bed by 10 almost every night. yeah we're old so what?!)

disclaimer: no babies were harmed during this photo shoot

stevie nose-diving
i love their faces!
our own private concert
katherine, clothe your daughter! immodest ;)
i like this picture because you can see how jess and i are as tall as the other girls when we are sunk in the snow ;)
my california girl, we don't like the cold!
thank you Bussells! we love you guys!

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