Monday, February 28, 2011

14 Months & counting

. 22 lbs . 29 in .

14 months ... uh thats ... uh ... 1 year and 2 months? ... yeah ...
Here are some picture highlights of what Clover has been up to lately.

still enjoying Yo Gabba Gabba ... me, not so much
Clover likes to try clothes on. She loves shopping for clothes and trying on shoes, the whole time saying "ohhh". thats my girl!
she loves coloring!
annnnd eating the crayons
Clover has the hair style I always wanted but was to afraid to have
work it, girlfriend!
now presenting ... PRINCESS CLOVER!
{wouldn't that be an awesome Disney princess name? yeah I thought so too}

whats new?

well Im now 20 weeks pregnant and getting kind of nervous again, 2 kids .... yikes! Clover and I have been sick for a couple days now and since Im preggers I can't take any medicine that would actually help {sorry Robitussin, you stink} So we have been hanging in doors and watching a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba and occasionally I get to choose a movie .... yeah, Im about to go insane. but we are on the mend and should be seen in the public eye soon enough!

shout out to my hubsters for taking care of us and cleaning up my trail of tissues and dishes <3

I was going to continue with a previous post that compared baby pics of me and the clove {Like Mother, Like Daughter}... buuuut ... apparently the albums from 1986-1994 are missing. So I will be on the search because I wont be here much longer to get able to get to them!
wish me luck!


  1. Hello! it is great keeping up with you in the blog world! i do miss semwives, but i am loving high school ministry!

    Clover is pretty much the cutest baby girl! and, i'm so happy for you and baby girl #2 on the way! and, your exciting life-after-seminary plans, way to go!

  2. So this is a way late post, but I noticed your comment about being nervous for # 2. People told me all the horror stories about adjusting from 1 to 2, but I thought it was great and loads of fun! You will do awesome! His grace is so abundantly sufficient! Praying for you guys and your upcoming move. Hopefully we will get to see you on one of our Atlanta trips!