Monday, March 7, 2011

so, we meet again ... MagScan

as Dora the Explorer {explor-ah} would say:
yet our experience wasn't quite as fun as watching Dora, but it was a lot smoother than it probably could have been.

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their prayers, and encouraging email, facebooks and texts. the Lord is SO good. I am so thankful we have a Sovereign God who controls all things, great and small.

So Clover woke up at 5am but finally went back to sleep till 6am which is 2 hours earlier than normal. I wasn't too thrilled at the time but later you'll see how the Lord worked that out.

We had a Mag3 scan first. { Click here to get the full story of what it is and our first experience with it. } First I asked them if they would be sedating her, "no". Um okay how are you going to get a 1 year old to lay still on a table for an hour? "we're going to papoose her", I knew that but that means she'd be strapped down for an hour AWAKE! ah!

Then I informed them that I was 21 weeks pregnant, she asked me if that meant I was in my first trimester .... um no more like half way there { but thats okay this is a younger nurse who works with kids, NOT pregnant women, obviously }
So because I am pregnant and they are doing an x-ray I have to stand 6 ft away from Clover, okay thats doable. Brian is with me, he can stand next to her.

IV and catheter .... um didn't appreciate that too much
being papoosed .... nope not too much either
she kept saying "all done" in sign language

Praise the Lord because Clover had woken up so early, she was exhausted and after much crying even more so. So she fell asleep for the last 45 minutes of the test! wahoo!
while I was in the restroom Brian was told that because Clover was being injected with nuclear medicine, I couldn't come within 6 ft of her THE REST OF THE DAY!
ok that makes sense, but my baby! who is going to comfort her? yes Brian is there, but Im the mom! we JOKED {keyword} that maybe I should get near Clover to see if her radioactiveness would give the next baby special powers.
But we didn't test it out to see, it just didn't seem safe
what a good daddy
this is Maggie the Renal Bear, a gift from the nurses during her test
this little block was hiding in Clovers sweater and we didn't find it till after she laid on it for the hour, maybe THAT'S why she was crying!?
So the rest of the day, through ultrasound and meeting with our urologist, I had to walk/sit/stand 6 ft from Clover. We were joking later that people probably thought I was a very detached mom. Or a bad nanny? Clover kept looking at me and saying "please" with a look that said "why don't you love me" .... ugh it killed me not to be able to comfort her, but Brian did good

Urologists Report:
We are doing surgery next Wednesday March 16th to REATTACH the ureter to the bladder.
NO MORE HOLE IN THE STOMACH! she will finally get to pee normally and run around naked like a normal kid without leaking urine everywhere! like a real Irby ;)

the kidney hasn't increased much but it also hasn't shriveled up and died. So they are going to reattach it and we'll just have follow ups every so often for who knows how long, the rest of her life? The kidney might not last forever but it does give her that chance to have 2 kidneys for who knows how long, a couple months - a few years? we'll see. But its a high success rate and he sees no reason why we should get bladder infections again.
Praise God!

so now we are home, I'm sanctioned off in my bedroom away from radioactive baby with her radioactive powers and diapers filling in all my fans with our news {that would be you}
keep the prayers coming, our gracious God hears and answers!

me staying far far away with a pained look
and clover, not caring
side note: its amazing how kidney beans DO look like actual kidneys! I guess that's why they were named kidney beans, or maybe kidney's were named after the bean? hmmm. ;)


  1. Praise God! I was praying for you and will continue to do so. We miss you about getting together next week?

  2. Oh, that would be so hard....I sympathize! Glad you have such a loving, happy heart about the whole thing!

  3. Been thinking of you and praying for Clover today! So thankful she had a good daddy to be at her side today- praying for the surgery and healing!!

  4. Praise the Lord! Such great news!! Sorry you can't be near your baby...I can only imagine how difficult that must be! Love you guys and can't wait to see how the Lord is going to continue to use this to sanctify and grow you more into His image!

  5. Yay!!! I am so glad to hear that she is able to get the surgery that will hopefully benefit her for the long-term. I will be praying for you, I can't imagine how emotionally difficult it would be to have your little baby undergo surgery - may the Lord strengthen you and give you peace through this. Much love!

  6. I remember when Carol-Marie had hers at a week old. She slept so still through it that I asked the doctor if they had given her something to make her sleep and he said no. I thought it must have been a God sleeping aid :). Will continue to pray for you as you walk through this part of your journey!