Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Friends 2.0

my absolute best friend from growing up, lives in Mississippi


we grew up at church and at school together, although we only really remember each other probably starting in 8th grade and then didn't get really close till high school
but we're in all the same pictures, elementary school and on
and at the same birthday parties
she is the cheese to my macaroni
the peanut butter to my jelly
she laughs at my jokes
she sticks around regardless of how weird I get
we were in show choir together
we were in a band together, "No Parking" {we have an album fyi}
we can harmonize perfectly together when we sing
being super cool together
pretty much we're friends for life no matter the distance
since I've moved to Georgia, she is only a grand ol' 7 hours away
that's it?! you say?
that's it ... just 7 hours of driving in the middle of no where with a toddler who gets carsick and a nursing babe
but she's worth it :)
{actually it wasn't that bad...well the way home was, but not the drive there}

we both have two daughters the same age
{about 8 months apart}
and our babies are only 3 days apart
{that's how best friends do it!}
and we are determined that our kids will be best friends
even if it kills us!
they watched Little Mermaid together
they held hands
shared a bike
while Whit and I had some good times playing old songs from our band days
{don't mind my big ol' gums that are in your face!}
then we had a photo shoot

then we all hugged goodbye
ours was an awkward hug....just like old times
then Crimson made funny faces on the way home

Miss you Whit!!!! maybe one day we can live next door to each other like we always dreamed!

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