Friday, February 17, 2012

Crimson: 7 Months & counting

. 26.5 in . 14lb 12.5oz .
48% in ht . 9% in wt
still wearing 3 month old clothes!!
{she literally is my little peanut}

. milestones .

crawling {yikes!}
eating solid food, so far cereal and applesauce
2 naps
12 hour night sleeps
poops once a day {cause I know you were wondering....yet I wonder why only one?}
first 2 little teeth
first fever 102 for 2 days ... it was a doozy!
likes yo gabba gabba {I know shocking}

{2 new teethies}

she is my skinny minnie
she could really care less about eating....she likes to look around....blow raspberries....look and laugh at Clover...then maybe take a bite...spit it like it's funny
meanwhile I'm frazzled trying to get her to eat so we can run out the door to get to church or to our dr. appointment today

{pulling up onto her knees to play}
she puts herself to sleep which is amazing
she used to play content by herself on the floor but now that she crawls, she just crawls after me all day crying/whining for me to pick her up....but in a cute way, if crying/whining can be cute

these two girls are so much fun and so much work all in one
our hair usually goes un-brushed
we stay in our pj's a lot
and our cleanliness is at an all time low
and I LOVE IT {today} :)

wonder what Clover is up to?

she knows her abc's
she can count to 10
she likes to sing and dance especially to Charlie Brown music
she tells me "bless you mommy" when I sneeze {and even when I don't}
she LOVES stickers and says them with a very exaggerated hispanic accent "steeeeecAaaRs"
she helps me put the dogs in their cage {the laundry room}
she HATES nap times and bed times ever since we got back from California in January
she is pretty much potty trained...just working on naptime/bedtime especially since we're have the above problem

and there's more but that's all I can think of!
thanks for stopping by!!!

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