Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crimson: 8 Months & counting

. 26.5 in . 15lb .

. milestones .

eats solids: cereal, zuccini, carrots, pears
pulls up to stand
still wearing 3-6 month clothing....everyone thinks she that age too
started saying dada

I'm kind of on a blogging "low" right now. So this is going to be short and hopefully sweet :)

I love Taryn so so much. She is so happy and sweet. Her blue eyes are beautiful. I love having her with me. I love that she only wants me {even though it makes people sad that she cries when anyone else tries to hold her}. I love that she falls asleep on her own, though I wish I could rock her forever like I did with Clover. She loves Clover so much, even though Clover is pretty rough with her. She loves her daddy so much, just smiles at him all the time.
and that's about all I can muster up right now.
sorry....hopefully I'll get back into the groove soon.

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  1. Your description of her sounds JUST like Aaron, minus the being a girl and all. Maybe they are meant for each other, and we are meant to live in Georgia! :)