Thursday, October 25, 2012

bye bye papi

oh papi
you have done us so good
but, things just aren't working out
it's not you, it's us
you see, Clover is just getting to big to have a papi
and so we have to cut ties now before it gets too awkward later on
you will always have a special place in our hearts
thanks for the good memories and for sticking by us through the good times and the bad {especially the bad}
you're the best,
the irby's

We've been meaning to get rid of Clover's papi for awhile but things just kept coming up so we kept pushing it back, we at least had it narrowed down to bed time and car rides.

"we have an ultrasound coming up and the papi will help"
"she's sick, we'll do it when she gets better"

"we just got her sleeping in her own bed. let's deal with one thing at a time"
"we'll do it after the trip to California, it'd be nice to have it for the plane ride, and we don't want to deal with withdrawals while away from home"

"okay now we'll do it after we get back from Disney World, it's only 2 weeks away and it'd be nice to have it on the 7 hour car ride and the hotel room we have to share"

etc etc etc

so the time finally came. 
the dr asking me every visit just got to awkward and I hate awkward situations!

so I read a friend's blog and they had a great idea
instead of just taking the papi and throwing it away, or cutting it so they can't suck it anymore
we let her get rid of it herself
it's sort of the tooth fairy idea
we hung her final papi's {the last 2 that we haven't lost} on a tree outside
and if she slept well through the night the next morning she would get a surprise
so the next morning on the same tree she got big girl things

1. mousse {for her crazy curly uncontrollable hair}
2. big girl toothbrush with Cinderella on it
3. a big girl hair brush
4. and Cinderella lipstick {she loves putting my lip gloss on}
so after we did that she occasionally would ask where papi went and we would remind her that she traded her baby things for big girl things
it has actually gone great
this girl loved her papi too
she hasn't cried for it once {praise the Lord}
 {we've already had to confiscate the lip gloss because she pulled the whole stick out of the tube. But we still let her use it, just under supervision}

it's always nice when you come to things as a parent and you anticipate it being horrible {i.e. shots, potty training, big girl bed etc} and it actually turns out to be no big deal

thank you Lord for blessings like this! it seems so small, but it is so much bigger than we sometimes realize.

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