Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Industrious December

We filled our December up like it was the end of the world....yes we believed the Mayan calendar {not}
but by how busy we were, you would think we did!

I labeled it "industrious december" because, well, we got a lot of stuff done
including but not limited to:

breaking an arm

having 3 birthday celebrations, 2 in Georgia 1 in California
{more details another time}
4 Christmas celebrations,  2 in Georgia 2 in Ca
flying to California

{ maybe a little too excited to see Panka :) }

Disney on Ice
{this is her princess smile?}
downtown disney
{ah! a "crocolade" }

{staring longingly at Disneyland}
Santa Monica pier

{a giant macaroni??? only in California}
seeing all of our friends
taking cast off
{and then giving her arm a good washing!} 
getting our nails done
hanging out with cousins
{brian got a ribbon dancer for Christmas! he's special...}
trying to break her arm again
finding out A LOT of people had the flu back home
and then...
flying home with a 3+ hour layover
 throwing a baby shower 2 days after we get home
{and didn't take any pictures =\  }

needless to say, since being back we've mostly been in our pajamas :)
so very thankful for the time we got to spend with all our friends and loved ones!
thank you to all who made time for us in your busy Christmas season

this is the first time that we've visited California and haven't felt completely depressed about flying back to Georgia, not that we don't love it here, it just didn't feel like home until now
usually when we fly home I walk in the door, put the girls to bed and cry
this time, we walked in the door, put the girls to bed, had a late night taco bell run because we were starving and it felt like home
thankful that God can change our hearts to make us content wherever we may be
although seeing certain friends do give us some heartache knowing we can probably never live near each other :(
but so blessed that we are able to have friendships like that!
{annnnnd I miss the sun, my poor skin is turning a white that it has never seen before!}

I've really felt convicted of my selfishness lately, all I do it think about how things affect me or how people make me feel
when I stop looking at myself and look to God and His plan for my family and His church, I can see why we are here and be thankful
when I focus on my mission as a believer in Christ, to spread His gospel of love and salvation, how can I complain about how I'll never be tan again?? {such a silly thing, but something that I can be discontent about.}

anyway, that is what God has been teaching me
I still miss all you friends over there and would love if somehow we could live near you again!!!
but maybe God will be bringing some of you over here ;)

until then, I will give thanks for what I do have, salvation, a great church family {on both sides of the country}, health, healthy family, food, a roof over our head {the list could go on and on!}

thankfulness is the perfect solution to discontentment
thank you Lord!


  1. i love reading your blog,. i just laugh and laugh. at your commentary and your pictures. the brian ribbon dancer photo is amazing.

  2. I'm glad you are finally feeling content in GA. God is so good to be able to change our hearts, even when we resist it. :) Miss you guys!

  3. She got realllllly into Panka's story LOL!

  4. The cousins are the absolute cutest together!