Monday, January 28, 2013

Babies 2012

While in California I got together with some friends {that I've know since childhood} and our babies which we all had at the same time

so much has changed in just a year

he's holding her back from escaping...what a good friend
 unfortunately now they are old enough for pick on each other!


 best buds!
  Shiloh showing off in her Nemo outfit
 Aaron is unimpressed
 old enough to sit and pose for a picture...of course what you can't see is all the mommies in the background acting crazy trying to get these kids to laugh/smile

 a look back to December 2011
 Mommies and Babies December 2012
  and last year December 2011

a lot has changed, including 3 of these mommies are pregnant with baby number 2!
so exciting to see our families growing!
praise the Lord!

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  1. Love. Is it just me or are you and Emy wearing the same shoes in both the 2011 and 2012 picture? :)