Monday, December 9, 2013

indie: 1 Month & counting

no stats because I'm living up to the hype of not documenting my 3rd child :)
or we just don't go to doctors as much as we should
she's probably about 10lbs here????
God knew I needed an easy baby since I was going to have a lot going on with recovering
she's a great eater
she sleeps great at night
she poops like every couple of days...{niiiiice}
but she is the gassiest baby I've ever met! not in a fussy way, in a stinky way
you would think she's a grown person with the smell of it!
and she's always gassy!! fortunately it doesn't seem to bother her too much 

I announced a prediction before she was born

Clover was very active in my belly, 
and she came out active

Crimson was very forceful and stubborn in my belly, she would stick a limb out and I would have to push it back in...she always hurt my ribs.
And Crimson came out very passionate and can be stubborn

indie was very gentle and smooth, didn't kick much and never hurt
{that's why I thought she'd be smaller, little did I know she would be my biggest babe!}
and she has come out very gentle and easy going
thank you LORD!

{these girls love to "nap" with her}
 {crimson loves her a little too much}

 {we didn't get to wear our halloween costumes because of my issues, so we dressed up another day
alice in wonderland, the white rabbit and sleeping beauty}
 {got to bond with nana a lot her first couple weeks of life}
 {first family photo}

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