Tuesday, April 6, 2010


First off let me just say that if you were an official follower of my blog you may need to re-follow because I was trying to be computer savvy and make my blog look cool and somehow ended up disabling my comments and making my blog post twice ... so I tried fixing it and couldn't. So pretty much a made a new blog with the same address and just imported all the old posts. I just didn't want anyone thinking I somehow deleted them from following my blog-I appreciate those that read it to keep up with my family and Clover!

Okay on with the Easter update! We started by going to church to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Clover had the cutest little pink outfit on, but before the family came over she decided to poop all over that outfit. SO! We changed into her pink ballet outfit decked out with a tutu and ballerina socks.

We had my mom's side of the family come over which is the BEST FAMILY EVER!! (they read my blog :) Clover is the only girl, she has 2 boy cousins Ben and Christopher who like to play rough and tough. Maybe one day (soon) she will have a little girl cousin to play with ;) No pressure guys!

Clover had her first Easter egg hunt but slept through it ... party pooper. But all in all it was a goodfirst Easter.

This has nothing to do with Easter, but Clover had her first laugh this morning! It's such a cute laugh!


  1. Cutest baby EVER!!! Such a sweet laugh, I can't wait to hear it in person! I miss you, Clo Clo...auntie's going to take you to the zoo when she gets back next week and when you are feeling all better :)

  2. august always poops on her cute outfits before anyone can see them, too.

    ill be thinking about you guys tomorrow. feel better soon clover!

  3. What do you mean that is the "best family ever"?


  4. CUTE!!!!!!! What a doll you have! Can't wait to meet her. Praying for you guys.
    Johanna & Daniel

  5. She is the cutest baby ever.....laughing. Which makes sense since her parents are the funniest people alive.