Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 Months & counting

Month 4
13lb 8oz . 26in .

sits up for a few seconds WITHOUT help!
grabs EVERYTHING! especially my hair
found her feet and plays with them
plays with toys and puts everything in her mouth

Clover is doing great ... health wise that is. Attitude wise, she has turned into a little miss priss! That's for sure! So after the surgery I went easy on her for awhile, but then when I was sure she was fine we started crackin' down on the "tude"(attitude). We spend most of our days with Clover fussing at me while I practice letting her cry it out in her chair and then when she stops crying, I reward her with being picked up. Who knew they would be like this at such a young age?

We went for a check up appointment yesterday, Monday. Clover fell asleep sitting up in daddy's arms in the waiting room, so cute. We had an ultrasound and met with the urologist. Everything looks good. Her ureter is a little swollen, which is completely normal after a surgery. The incision is looking better and better, and it doesn't scare me to touch it anymore! :)

We go back in 2 months for another ultrasound.

So out of everything we've done, I've got to say that Clover's fussing these days is worse than any of the procedures/surgeries we've done! crazy clover.I still love her, I figure the Lord has taught me to trust Him and grow in faith, and now He wants me to learn patience!! :) But I thank the Lord everyday for my little lucky clover, she is one of the best things that has happened to me!


  1. I love you blog! Thankful that little Clover is doing so good after such a long medical ordeal!

  2. Do you have a sling? There are so many different types but I liked the Maya Wrap and the Ergo the best. My babies loved it once I found one that fit well. It makes them feel secure and you can get a lot done because you have both hands free.

  3. I just discovered your blog! Yay! I'm so happy I can have updates on Clover. She's a doll. And yes, it's amazing how quickly our children our evidently sinners! Drew laughs at how we used to think it was cute when Levi said "no".