Sunday, April 11, 2010

the surgery & an infection ... boo

Okay before I tell you about her surgery and infection let me just say I've got a bone to pick with some of you! I put up THE CUTEST video of Clover laughing and only a couple of people commented on how cute she is. That will not do, so before you read the rest of this post you must scroll down and watch the video of the cutest little girl in the whole world laughing!! DO IT!!

Okay, I hope if you're reading this you watched the video. On with the update :)
First things first . THE SURGERY .
It went well considering that we had to do a surgery. We had to be there 5:30am again, but that's actually a good thing because she isn't allowed to eat 4 hours prior to surgery. So at 5:30am she is still pretty tired. The surgery was a success, the urine is flowing good out of the little incision. The incision is about an inch long and at first looked really gruesome, but now that it's cleaned up and has had a couple of days to heal it looks good. We had to stay overnight in a room with 2 others patients ... NOT FUN! Let me tell you. And Brian wasn't allowed to stay with me AND I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom in the room because it is for patients only. Of course at 3am when I really needed to go to the bathroom and I'm by myself with my baby, I did use the "restricted" bathroom. But only once!!! :) We were discharged before noon with a prescription for antibiotics for a little while longer and a Neosporin type cream that I need to put on the hole ... now THAT is gross. I don't like touching it, it gives me the willies. ESPECIALLY when I'm about to put it on and Clover pushes her butt up in the air making me touch it when I wasn't expecting it... ewwwww. :)
Clover did great though. She didn't sleep well the first night but only because she wasn't swaddled and when she isn't swaddled she is C-R-A-Z-Y! So I held her most the night. We only had to give her Tylenol twice, once the day after and once 2 days after. You wouldn't even know she had surgery. The day after she was already trying to roll over onto her stomach and stand up and push up against you. She's amazing!

The whole next day I was going around jumping and singing about how we are done! no more infections! whoo hoo a normal life!

..... BUT THEN .....

The Lord had other plans, He was like "Kenzie, you still have a lot more to learn!"

Yesterday, Saturday. She was really fussy and her urine was yellowish (which it is supposed to be clear) and it stank. Oh no ... not another ........ BLADDER INFECTION!! The day before the surgery her urine started smelling just a little bit, but she had no other symptoms. I called the surgeon and pediatrician and they said that as long as she didn't have a fever we could do surgery. The day of surgery, they tested her urine before to check and it came back negative for infection. Well yesterday when I called the hospital the surgeon told me that her urine cultures eventually grew a bacteria. And what bacteria is that, you ask? Psuedomonas, AGAIN! NOOO! I thought we would have to go back to the hospital for a 10 day stay again. But the doctor said that the first time we had this bacteria it was resistant against the oral antibiotics, but this one isn't. So we were able to get a oral antibiotic for her and stay home. I've got to say though, usually when I'm right it feels good, but now I always hope I'm wrong and just being paranoid! So here we are, dealing with infection again. Although yesterday was rough, she had a fever of 100.1 all day and night, so she cried and cried and cried and slept and slept and slept. ugh .. I'm exhausted just remembering it. But her fever broke last night and she's back to normal today. YAY!No worries though, just because she has an infection, it is not going to affect her incision at all. We will see the doctor hopefully this week just to be sure and check up with him since he was on vacation and didn't do our surgery.

The picture to the left is how Clover is repaying me for taking her to the hospital so much.

All this has taught me so much though. I've really had to mature and grow up to be the mommy I need to be for Clover. He's teaching me patience, trust, strength, courage, how to call and ask questions (which I HATE doing), and how to do things myself that I don't want to do and usually pass off to Brian :) (sorry Brian). But I'm still learning and there's still a lot more sanctification that needs to happen. Thank you everyone for praying, you don't know how encouraging it is to hear! Please keep them coming, we aren't done yet :)


  1. clover girl!! She is getting SO big!
    glad she is back to her happy self!
    praying infections stay FAR away!!!

  2. I love the laugh! So sweet. We are praying for Miss Clover and for you two.

  3. Well, I'll admit that I watched that precious baby laughing a few days ago (after Elise told me about it). And I watched it several times: twice at least because it was so cute. Then Sophie heard it and came over, and we had to watch it again. Then David wanted to know what was going on, so we watched it again. Then Mercy and Benjamin heard those sweet giggles, and we watched it yet again. You get the picture.
    But that laughing baby is truly a beautiful sound. I would have commented earlier, but it just did not occur to me that you would take such offense. :)
    We love you guys! Praying for that baby and that you've seen the last of these infections.

  4. I did watch Clover was precious. We are praying for you. I was thinking about our Hebrews study and how the race applied to me. It dawned on me that the race has many parts to it. Sometimes its a sprint, sometimes its like a cross country and sometimes it is a steeple chase with all the moats to cross, fences to hurdle and sharp turns to make. Illness' can seem like that, esp. when they continue to come and come and come. But, God is good and is running it right along side us. Plus, He gives us our cheering section; friends, family, those who love us dearly and carry our burdens with us. You will continue to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (my favorite verses, btw)and we will continue to praise Him for the blessing that you and little Clover are to us. Keep running the race, you draw us nearer to Him.

  5. The video of Clover laughing was so precious. It reminded me of the times our boys laughed much as she did. Sweet Clover, her Mom, Dad et al are all in my prayers. May the Lord give you all strength and perseverance as you endure this trial. We are your family and pray that as time goes on Clover will heal and not have to deal with infections. God is giving you the peace and endurance as you deal with this. Hang tightly onto to Him for He is right next to you putting his arms around your little bundle of joy.

    Love you, Vurden and Catherine

  6. KENZIE...God Bless You Mama!! I consider myself a seasoned Mommy, but you surpass me by miles!!! God must have given you and Brian strength upon strength and faith upon faith!! I didn't even know about the surgery until today and I'm SO glad her fever is gone. I can handle almost any sickness...but FEVER..NO WAY! Your blog is outstanding and it makes me laugh and cry! I'm so proud of you and the Mommy God is making you to be. Clover has the perfect parents to care for her through this tough season. I pray for her all the time. I hope you get some much deserved rest these next few days. My best to you Sweetie Pie!!...Love, Bryce

  7. McKenzie you and Brian are amazing what you have gone through and the Lord will do amazing things for you and Brian and Clover. Just hang in there. What strength your family has even Little Clover. And Phillip and I both had watched the video and didn't take time to make a comment (so sorry) she is precious so keep the videos coming we love to watch her grow. Remember to take of each other too,
    Love Vicki Taylor

  8. You are crazy! Yes I watched the adorable video when you posted it but I rarely leave comments. However, the first part of your post made me laugh so I had to say something. Our family is praying for Clover.

  9. Okay! Okay! I watched the video of the most beautiful baby in the world with the most beautiful laugh in the world.

    Grandpa Steve