Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Healed!! .... Right?

Okay one more boring post about me and then tomorrow is the official "7 Months and Counting" post for Clover ... I know that's who you really want to hear about.

I went back to my doctor today feeling 100%. He checked me out saying "hmm" which usually isn't good. But apparently my illness is/was a mystery. They don't know what I had but they do know that ONCE (not now) I did have mono. They don't know when but I did have it at some point in my past, whether young or just a couple months ago.

So Im cleared of my non-illness ... uh illness! yay! and I don't have mono!!

All the credit just goes to the Lord, He is the healer and for all we know I was sick and he healed me. Doctors are smart, and the Lord uses them, but sometimes even they don't know what's going on ... but God does.

The End ... usual programming (i.e. Clover) will be back tomorrow ... thanks for listening.


  1. I like hearing about YOU...Clover's cute but you're funny...and fun...and awesome! Glad you are better from your non-illness illness!

  2. hey now, missy! i love hearing about you, too!! I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better!!!