Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Need a Moment ........ To Recover

And we're back ..... from Georgia that is. One word to describe the trip? I can't describe it in just one ... how about two? Fun & Stressful! (with a capital F & S) Wait, can I add humid too?

It was so great to see everyone and let them finally meet Clover. We miss"ya'll"!

BUT traveling (anywhere I might add) with an infant is NOT my idea of fun, no matter how well that infant does. Most people think I'm laid back, and I know the reason why I seem like that is because I purposefully DO NOT put myself in situations with the potential to become overwhelming.

Me + Overwhelmed = what happened to me at the end of this trip (I will explain more in a bit)

Plane ride was awesome, Clover slept and was perfect ... but it was the packing, making sure I don't forget anything, worrying about "what ifs" the whole night before that had me stressed out and not sleeping .... I used to get stressed out about flying before I even had a baby!! Now I have 2 people I need to pack for??

Georgia trip as a whole was awesome too, Clover also did amazing with that. (Besides the fact that it takes us forever to drive anywhere and she hates the car). But it was do-able.

We saw some amazing friends and their AMAZING kids, I love them all so much! I wish we had more time. We have some amazing family that helped take care of Clover.
I would like you to meet Brody, Clover's future husband. I think they hit it off pretty good. Their favorite thing to do together is, Brody sticks his finger in Clo's mouth and as she closes it, he pulls it back out. We also learned about Yo Gabba Gabba .... okay I love that show. I think Brian should fear for me watching it too much.

Now for the end of our trip ... I started getting a sore throat, which is completely normal for us when we go visit because we always end up getting sick, probably from over extending ourselves. But this time I actually thought we were doing better. So we were coming home Tuesday night, on Saturday I started with the sore throat which got worse Sunday and WAY WORSE Monday. Monday night we are pretty sure I must have strep throat. Off to urgent care (the urgent care story deserves a post of its own but you can ask me more about that later). I get a rapid strep test : negative ... okay .... They take another throat culture, some blood tests AND a pregnancy test. The doctor thinks I have mono even though the mono "test" came back negative ....

WAIT .... WHAT?!?! MONO?????

Who has mono?? I only hear about teenagers getting that. First off, let me say that Brian is the ONE AND ONLY man I kiss! And Im definitely NOT the type of person that gives my friends kisses on the mouth. Second, I do not share drinks, you would understand this more if you knew my mom and the way she raised me. So they put my on meds and send me home.

Okay, so we come home late late late late LATE Tuesday night ... we get home around 3am California time, 6 am Georgia time (Wednesday). On Thursday my throat is even more swollen that I wake up having a hard time breathing. I got into my Dr.'s office and they do all the same tests again but he gives me better medicine and a steroid shot which immediately makes me feel 110% better.

Friday, I get a call at 6am from Georgia ... they finally have my results back. "Pregnancy Test: negative, Throat Cultures: negative, Mono: negative" .... "so what do I have?" ... "Oh, it says here that whatever medicine you are taking should make you feel better and if symptoms persist you should come back" ....... (uh, no thanks, my Dr here is closer). so I have nothing?? I don't know ... but I do know that I like my Dr here and I will wait to hear what he says.

And I also know this ... that I do get stressed out easily and overwhelmed and I am pretty darn sure that's why I was sick and now I feel better ... but we will just have to wait and see. Until then, Im staying away from people (just in case) and recovering. One thing good from the "illness", I have just about gotten back to my weight before getting pregnant ... just 2 more pounds!! whoo!


  1. Oh, are not the first mom stressed out about traveling with your kiddo :) It gets easier...well, a little bit! This is where God sanctifies me, big time ;) I hate packing...a lot!

  2. glad you are feeling better!!

    oh and WE LOVE GABBA!!!!!!! Yeah, another person that doesn't think we are psycho for exposing Cade to it!!!

  3. I'm so sorry you got so sick!! We really enjoyed visiting with you guys and we can't wait to see you again in August!! ( I hope that doesn't stress you out!)

  4. I miss me some Clo Clo! Thanks for posting, I really appreciate it. :) Can't wait to get home and do some baby-sitting!

    P.S. In case you were wondering, it's still REALLY humid here. Oh, and I spoke to the mosquitoes, and they said to send you their love.

  5. aww! so sorry to hear that you were so sick! :( no fun!! Sounds like you had an amazing trip! i missed you guys tons!! As soon as your family is feeling 100% we need to schedule a play date: you, me, & clo can hang while the hubbys try to write songs on every different type of instrument...haha