Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clover's 1st Halloween

I'm watching the Biggest Loser as I write this, so if my sentences are incoherent I apologize before hand. It's very intense!

Clover's first Halloween was so fun! We don't really celebrate Halloween, we celebrate life through Christ instead of death. But on this night, who can pass up free candy?? ;)

Clover's granny/bb/beanball/whatever she's going to be called (aka Brenda, Brian's mom) and her MawMaw(Brian's grandma) came out to see Clo in her first ever costume. She was first a ladybug and we took some cute pictures of her and my sister's dog Macy, who was a bumblebee.
Then, like any classy young girl, she had a wardrobe change into the main costume of the night. A giraffe! Cause you know this girl loves giraffes! Well, we like giraffes, that is.

We only went to 4 houses, and they were all our neighbors we've known for years. And because she is just so darn cute, we got lots of extra! So afterward we thought we'd take some cute pictures of her and her pile of candy. And the inevitable happened, she bit through the package of a crunch bar and got her first taste of chocolate! ah, I know I'm a bad mother!! ;) jk! But we did try to get all the pieces out of her mouth before she swallowed!

The evidence.
Okay, I hope I satisfied the few who actually read this. Im going back to eatin' some not so good stuff and watching Biggest Loser! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Clover is so dang cute...love her belly in these pics.

  2. I love the giraffe costume!! Her belly is too funny in those pics!

  3. So fun...what is that crazy car contraption behind her in the candy pictures?

  4. I love that giraffe costume! I'm glad you went with it

  5. Meghan: it's a bouncer/walker! they make them way cooler than when we were young