Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walkie Talkie

Where did my baby go? She's not here, she is replaced with this walking, talking child! It's amazing how one day it starts with taking one step to quickly get from the couch to the table, to now she walks from one side of a room to the other without holding onto anything!

And to make matter worse (don't get me wrong, we're excited too) she said her first 2 words!!!
Word number one is not a surprise to us, it's "Dog". Well seeing as we have 3 in this house, of course that would be the first word. Number two followed shortly after, "God" which pretty much is dog but backwards but we are still giving her the credit! AND it would be awesome to tell everyone that her 2nd word ever was God!

Just for you skeptics out there, we do have video of her saying dog! But it's not uploaded, sorry. Someday I'll share! maybe...


  1. wow, your child is so godly! haha! :)
    so the talking begins!!! so exciting and so fun to have someone that you can have a conversation with now!! :)

  2. It feels just like yesterday when we were sitting in the doctor's office talking about the arrival of our babies, and now yours is walking and talking! Time never ceases to amaze me with its speed. Hope you all are doing well!